My telltale neighbour got everyone in our building fined after snitching about us having pets – so I got revenge | The Sun

A WOMAN has told of her frustration when a petty neighbour snitched on residents about having pets – but decided to take revenge.

The young woman, who owns a rescue Rat Terrier, described how her telltale neighbour had managed to get residents fined for not disclosing their pets to property management.

In a video on TikTok, user explained: "When your neighbour Karen'd her a** off and get everyone fined $150 but the neighbours think it was you…".

The woman is seen lighting a candle, taking out a pad and writing a vengeful note : "If you are looking for the lady (Karen) who called your pets in… She's in 109," before drawing an arrow pointing to the flat.

The name Karen is used to describe an annoyingly entitled suburban woman.

In the comments, discusses how she was expected to pay a "pet rent" for her small dog, but her and many others did not divulge the existence of their pets.


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In many apartment complexes, landlords and property management demand a deposit per pet, pet rent and often also one time fees.

What's most curious, she says, is that "Karen has two dogs, three cats and a rodent".

Describing why furious neighbours through had spelt the beans, she said: "There’s only two females on the bottom floor. We both have ring cameras on our patios [sic]."

The issue has sparked a flow of comments on the  short-form video app.

"Not all hero’s wear capes… some write with sharpies [sic]," user dylan's wife wrote.

"Places charge outrageous pet deposits while the kids next door are constantly loud and damage everything and anything," user Athena the cat added.

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User Michelle joked: "Charging pet monthly rent is a scam, how is he gonna pay his share? he doesn't have a job!".

TikToker Tiffany Juenemann, meanwhile, spoke of her disbelief.

"I never understand. I'm allowed to have two KIDS! but not a damn dog? KIDS! KIDS ARE SO MUCH MORE DESTRUCTIVE."

User Vanna said: "Why do I have pet rent but my neighbours have two kids in a ONE BEDROOM apartment?"

Many comments debated whether should pay the fine, while other users suggested she might lose her apartment.

Pet owner Mani described her situation: "My cats/dogs cause less damage than any toddler I know fees should be a one time deposit of $100 or $200 for clean up, not $600 and $200 a month per rent."

John Isaak A said he also face the wrath of a telltale neighbour, saying: "My neighbour called in my three pets in 300 down on each :(".

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