Mum who was mown down by maniac drunk driver is learning to walk again

Britain’s bravest mother who pushed pram carrying her baby to safety before she was mown down by maniac drunk driver reveals she’s learning to walk again after horrific hit-and-run left her with life-changing injuries

  • Becky Sharp, 36, has been having intensive rehabilitation at a neurology unit

Britain’s ‘bravest mother’ who pushed her child’s pram to safety before she was mown down by a drink driver and left for dead has revealed she is learning to walk again. 

Becky Sharp, 36, was crossing the road with daughter Lorena in her stroller in the Redhill area of Bournemouth when scaffolder Dale Clark, 38, drove along at 40mph in a 30mph zone in his Toyota RAV4 following a vodka binge.

The footage, exclusively published by MailOnline previously, shows the car swerving across to the inside lane at the last second as Mrs Sharp crosses the road on April 11.

She pushes the pram out of the way and baby Lorena escaped without injury despite her pram overturning as it trundled to the edge of the road. But the mother spent eight weeks in a coma.

Clark drove off, leaving Mrs Sharp for dead. She suffered life-altering injuries including brain trauma and multiple fractures that have left her needing to use a wheelchair and needing long-term medical care.

The brave mother has now described having to walk again, saying: ‘I had to learn to walk with the nurses and staff here and they’ve been brilliant – every one of them.’

Footage shows her taking steps with the help of medical staff. 

She has been having intensive rehabilitation at a neurology unit in Poole Hospital, where she has been undergoing speech therapy and is being taught to walk again with the help of physiotherapists 

Becky Sharp, 36, is learning to walk again with the help of nurses 

She has been having intensive rehabilitation at a neurology unit in Poole Hospital

She suffered life-altering injuries including brain trauma and multiple fractures

Becky Sharp (centre) pictured holding her baby girl Lorena before the hit-and-run. She is sitting in a park with her daughters Matilda (left) and Finnula (right) 

Dale Clark was jailed for three-and-a-half years at Bournemouth Crown Court 

Lorena (centre) posing for a photo with her sisters Matilda (left) Lorena and Finnula (right). She miraculously escaped injury

Becky Sharp, 36, has ongoing cognitive issues following the crash

But speaking of Clark, she told the BBC: ‘I think he should have got a lot more [jail time] than he did,’ Mrs Sharp said.

‘I’m stuck with a brain injury for life so he should have got life really.’

Clark had been drinking that day and had ‘girls and drugs on his mind’ according to prosecutors as he wove his way across the road, using his phone as a Sat Nav in his lap after contacting drug dealers earlier in the day. 

Footage shows how as Clark realises what he’s done, the brake lights on his Toyota light up and the whole car pitches forward – but by then, it’s too late.

Lorena’s buggy can be seen rolling to the side of the road between a pair of trees as Mrs Sharp is thrown through the air ‘like a ragdoll’ from the force of the collision.

She was thrown the length of a cricket field by the impact. But barely a second passes before monstrous Clark then sets off again at speed, leaving her for dead.

A witness memorised his numberplate and before long police had tracked him down. He had also googled ‘hit and run Bournemouth’ in the hours after the crash.

Clark gave a reading of 46mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath – over the limit of 35mg – and told police he had drunk vodka and taken £210 of cocaine in the two days before the incident after falling out with his grandparents, who he lived with.

The mother said Clark should have got a lot more jail time than he did as he left her with a brain injury for life 

Becky Sharp (circled, in front of Dale Clark’s car) was crossing the road when Clark dived across the road in his Toyota RAV4 at the last minute

Becky pictured holding a glass of champagne at the Hotel Miramar in Bournemouth on her wedding day

Mrs Sharp, pictured at Bournemouth Crown Court for Clark’s sentencing. She said he refused to look at her throughout the hearing

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In his police interview he admitted he had ‘wiped her out’, saying he ‘went into panic mode and s*** myself and ran away’. 

Clark, of New Milton, Hampshire, was jailed for three and a half years at Bournemouth Crown Court after admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving, failing to stop at an accident and drink driving. 

Addressing the scaffolder, Judge William Mousley said: ‘You quite clearly were not looking where you were going and you hit Rebecca Sharp. 

‘Very luckily and miraculously she had pushed the pushchair ahead of her so you did not collide with her youngest child.

‘The overall picture is that her life has been changed seriously forever. The impact on her and her family has been monumental.’

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