Mum in floods of tears after home invaded by massive rats who cover floor in poo

A struggling mum has been left in floods of tears after her home was invaded by massive rats who covered her floor in poo.

Amy Taggart, 26, said she has been driven to her wits' end after a two-year battle with a huge colony of rodents that have chewed through her wiring, defecated in her kitchen and left foul-smelling urine stains on her carpets.

"I've got a fridge that's packed with rat poo underneath. I've had to throw away a box freezer, my fridge," she told the Liverpool Echo

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She added: "I've caught two different types of rodents in this property, mice and rats.

"I caught one in a trap about two months ago in my back room, and they the other one I found under the floorboards right next to my bed.

"I only found it because of the smell.

"I went downstairs that same morning and a rat ran across the living room carpet."

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Amy, a single mum of two, moved into the West Kirby home just before lockdown in February 2020 with her sons Lincoln, five, and Lucas, four.

The property, which is owned by social housing company Magenta Living, was allegedly used for hoarding purposes before it was placed on the market in early 2020.

Amy said: "When we moved in I started hearing noises in my loft.

"They were waking me up. I was scared, it sounded like planks of wood banging on each other."

Amy said when the housing company sent workers to clear the infested loft they removed a dead beehive and dead rats.

She added that the company didn't replace the old insulation and, because of this, the rats have been back in her loft. "Basically it has spread from my loft to my house," she said.

She said she approached Magenta Living again in late September, and she and her sons were bounced around five different properties while work was carried out.

Magenta Living said that all live pests have now been removed from the home – but Amy disagreed, as she said she continued to find fresh droppings.

She said: "I was crying my eyes out, saying they couldn't leave me in that property any more, and ever since it's been hell.

"I'm paying money to live here, I've never been a problem and they've treated me like this. I feel trapped and I feel like I'm just meant to sit and wait for something bad to happen to my kids.

A Magenta Living spokesman said: "Magenta Living understands Ms Taggart’s concerns and we have supported her by providing short term alternative accommodation whilst our pest control contractor carried out proofing and bating works at her home.

"Ms Taggart moved back into her home on December 5 after proofing and a three-part riddance programme was completed.

The spokesman continued: "We believe that no live pests have been found at the property since the October 24 2022 and all traps remain clear with bait levels untouched.

"Despite the proofing and baiting works showing signs of success, Magenta Living recognises that there may still be historic signs of the infestation and we will be providing ongoing support and further checks until we have assurance the property is pest free."


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