MPs who vote AGAINST draconian tiers will be on the right side of history


IN the complete absence of Labour and the pitiful Leader of (No) Opposition Keir Starmer, our fate is now in the hands of Tory MPs.

Boris Johnson and the government are doing everything possible to whip the brave backbench dissidents, who could number around 100, into voting for a further six months of draconian lockdowns.

But tomorrow, with science on their side and history set to judge them kindly, the Covid Recovery Group and ALL its supporters MUST hold firm and vote against 99 per cent of the country being plunged into tiers two and three.

Not only do lockdowns not work in containing the virus, even in the medium-term, they cause untold collateral damage.

I find it astonishing that the media barely talks about the fact there were 26,000 excess deaths at home between March and September, with most clearly attributable to lockdown.

Poor folk dying from heart attacks, strokes, suicide and untold other conditions in their houses because they were either too scared to attend hospital or were ordered to stay away.

The World Health Organisation, which once supported the imposition of early lockdowns to control a virus, now admits that they have one main consequence: To make the poor poorer.

The economic devastation wreaked upon us for shutting down the country for potentially up to a year will lead to a tsunami of further deaths caused by poverty.

Sure, the unwaveringly positive Boris Johnson, with his bombastic language and undoubted energy, desperately wants to believe the vaccine cavalry will have us back to normal by Easter.

Apologies if I don’t share the Prime Minister’s optimism.

Vaccinating an entire population, potentially involving two jabs per person, is a logistical exercise the likes of which we haven’t seen since World War Two.

As it stands heading into December, not one of the vaccines have been approved by any medical regulator anywhere in the world.

We cannot shut the country down for another five months on the promise of a vaccine rollout working perfectly, given recent history tells us there will be significant bumps in the road.

The consequences to our lives and livelihoods are simply too great.

Tomorrow’s vote needs to become a watershed moment.

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