Montreal-area business owners report increased vandalism amid coronavirus pandemic

Plywood now replaces glass in windows at McKibbins Irish pub Montreal’s Pointe-Claire suburb after someone broke most of the glass on the front of the building two days ago.

“Smashed out all six of our windows with a sledgehammer, the window here above the door, and took off,” owner Brent Laderoute told Global News.

The person didn’t break into the bar, which has been closed for a week because of the coronavirus pandemic. Laderoute said this is the first time something like this has happened at the pub.

“I don’t have an answer,” said Laderoute. “I wish I did.”

His isn’t the only business that has been targeted. Merchants across the western tip of the island have also had their buildings vandalized, like La Source du Sexe, also in Pointe-Claire.

“The last time was on March 22nd,” owner Nick Aliftiras pointed out. “We were actually hit twice.”

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The Green Spot restaurant in the southwest borough of St. Henri was also broken into on Tuesday, which was a shock to manager Archie Bras, who said it’s the first time it’s happened.

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