Moment deer running across road smashes through front window of moving bus

A dramatic video captured the moment a deer crashed through a bus windscreen in Lawton, Oklahoma – giving the driver the fright of her life.

CCTV footage was taken with cameras onboard the vehicle showed the animal smashing through the window before getting off the bus when the driver opened the doors.

The animal and driver, Alisha Sutton, who had only been on the job 10 months, were miraculously unscathed by the incident which took place in June, Lawton city officials say.

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Since the clip was released yesterday (Tuesday, July 26), Sutton described the accident in a news release from Lawton Area Transit System.

She said: "I was like, I guess I gotta slow this bus down. I slowed it down and brought it to a stop right there in the road. I was afraid it was going to try to run to the back of the bus and get hurt, try to escape that way."

Sutton explained that the plexiglass door separates the driver's seat from the rest of the bus and if the deer jumped any earlier, it may have crashed into the driver's seat but luckily it had landed on the empty passenger side so she could open the door to let it out.

She recalled the conversation she had with her dispatcher moments after the crash, as she simply said: "Ma'am, a deer just jumped through my window."

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The driver claims her training helped her react well to the deer, as she said: "I've had a lot of training and safety things going on in my life.

"The main thing was slowing the bus down, keeping it steady, don't break or swerve just slow down and bring the bus to a stop as safely as you can."

Ryan Sanders, the general manager of the Lawton Area Transit System, said that he was proud of how Sutton handled the situation.

His statement said: "She was very cool, calm and collected. She did not panic, she did all the right things that you're supposed to do on the safety side of things and ironically, on the customer service side of things."


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