Metal detectorist arrested after finding explosive and WW2 artefacts at Stonehenge

A METAL detectorist was arrested after he found an explosive at Stonehenge.

Nikkie Newby, 30, dug up a handful of World War Two artefacts at the historic site, including a live mortar round.

He then posted snaps of his finds online while heading home — bragging: “Only travelling with a Live Mortar wot (sic) I found in Stonehenge on train. F***, it’s going in my find box.”

Following a tip-off, police arrested him for allegedly damaging the 5,000-year-old stone circle, which is officially protected.

He was also held for illegally using a metal detector at the Wiltshire monument on Salisbury Plain — long used for military training — removing artefacts of archaeological or historical interest and possessing explosives without a permit.

Newby’s home in Bradford was also raided after his arrest earlier this month. He has since been released under investigation.

PC Emily Thomas said Stonehenge “occasionally attracts the wrong sorts of visitors intent on personal gain and disregard the law”.

Charlotte Russell, of Historic England, added: “Metal detectorists of this kind can remove scarce evidence for the dates and occupation of these sites — knowledge that should be preserved for everyone.”

But Newby insisted he was innocent yesterday, telling The Sun: “It’s all been blown out of proportion.

“They make it sound like I bulldozed Stonehenge. I was nowhere near there.” 

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