Met Office issues weather warning as THREE areas put on flood alert

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Heavy rain is expected to bring travel disruption and flooding in places later today. The warning is in place from 3pm this afternoon to a quarter to midnight this evening.

The yellow weather warning covers Edinburgh and the surrounding regions, up to Perth in the north and just above Carlisle in the south.

The area affected includes the southern swathe of the country, reaching west to Wigtown.

Netweather data suggests most of the British Isles will be carpeted in rainfall this afternoon, but a band of heavier precipitation will move over Scotland by 3pm this afternoon.

It forecasts this rainfall to grow to its heaviest over land at around 9pm this evening.

The Met Office said it believes that between 10-15mm of rain will fall within an hour in a few spots later this afternoon, before “more widespread” totals of 20-30mm will be seen over a 3-6 hour period

The Met Office said: “A period of heavy rain is likely later this afternoon and evening, perhaps with thunder close to the east coast.” 

It added: “Some hillier parts, perhaps especially across Lothian and Borders, could perhaps see around 50 mm, this falling onto wet ground, increasing the possibility of a few flooding problems.”

The band of rain will then move northwards and across the Irish Sea towards Belfast tomorrow, with parts of central Scotland and the Highlands seeing rain continue through tomorrow.

Britain has been battered by torrential downpours this week, as storms from the Atlantic push over the country. After a brief interlude early next week, they are set to continue.

Hurricanes Danielle and Earl – the first two of the 2022 Atlantic season – are currently moving towards Europe as they die back to large storms, and the effects are expected to be seen starting on Sunday.

Meteorologists expect the remnants of Danielle to hit Spain on Monday, with a band of rain heading northwards from it over the UK.

The rain will move away over this Saturday, but another band is expected to draw in from the Atlantic over Sunday and into Monday morning.

As much as 20mm of rain could fall on London and parts of the south east on Wednesday morning, but the rest of the UK will see little precipitation throughout the day.

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