Man kills lion with ‘bare hands’ then cooks and eats beast for dinner

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A man killed a lion with his own hands before skinning and cooking it for dinner, it is claimed.

Shocking photos show the aftermath of an intense wrestling match to the death between a man and lion in Uganda after the big cat entered his home, locals claim.

The unnamed lion killer has been pictured topless and looking seriously worse for wear with blood seeping through his multiple bandages.

His injuries have not been reported but the graphic photo shows a dislodged eye patch and scratches all over his body which will probably last as a reminder of the brutal battle for quite some time.

Twitter user Ricky Kagino wrote on Friday: "A man from CMS lganga district eastern Uganda is nursing wounds after fighting a lion he met near his home and killed it."

The location of the terrifying scrap has been disputed online as some sources claim it in fact happened at the Mpefu Kagadi district.

Another social media user, Tewsige Judith commented on Ricky's tweet with more photos including one of the lion skinned.

She said: "My dear it was in Mpefu Kagadi district and we ate it."

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With little more information provided on what exactly happened, people have debated whether the man was right to kill a lion.

One person commented: "I say its fair, lions eat humans… why don't humans return the favor? Plus I'm pretty sure the man wouldn't attack the lion first, so he killed her lion out of self defense.

"Y'all saying he did wrong are just being hypocritical.

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"If you were in his position you'd do the same."

Another hit back saying: "Fighting a lion may seem courageous but it's incredibly risky and killing one shouldn't be encouraged cos we humans should be protecting wildlife.

"A lot of animals are on the brink of extinction so any stray animal should be captured alive, returned to the jungle or kept in a zoo."

"Everyone is in shock that they ate a lion but not asking how the lion tasted," a third added.

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