Locals terrified of ‘haunted road’ famous for accidents, murders and executions

One of the UK's most dangerous roads is also reputedly the most haunted with weary motorists often reporting paranormal encounters along its length.

Nestled in the Lake District, the infamous Kirkstone Pass is not for the fainthearted and certainly not for learner drivers either.

Famous for its steep peaks and constant twists and turns, the road has unfortunately seen a host of accidents over the years – and it’s thought some have left a ghostly memento.

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Perhaps the most famous ghoul that haunts the stretch of tarmac is that of Ruth Ray, a young mother who met a grisly end on the way up the hill to Ambleside reports LadBible.

Ruth had left with her baby daughter to see her sick father but the weather was treacherous and she encountered trouble.

When she was found, she had frozen to death however amazingly her alive daughter was found in her arms, warm and well.

Other spectres that have been seen along the road and at the Kirkstone Inn, which lies on the pass, are a grey lady and a sad young boy.

It’s said that the Grey Lady was hanged for murdering her own child and screams at all who encounter her.

Meanwhile, the ghostly boy wanders up and down the road mournfully and is thought to have been killed in a tragic coach accident in the 17 th century.


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