Kelsey Berreth case: Krystal Lee Kenney released from prison after resentencing

The woman who helped cover up evidence at the scene where Woodland Park mother Kelsey Berreth was murdered and later testified against Berreth’s killer has been paroled and released from prison after being resentenced this week for her role in the crime, state records show.

Krystal Lee Kenney was in a relationship with Berreth’s fiancé Patrick Frazee when he killed Berreth in her condo on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Kenney, a nurse from Idaho, then helped Frazee clean up the bloody murder scene, something she testified to at trial.

Frazee was eventually convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Kenney’s testimony was key to that conviction.

Last month, the Colorado Court of Appeals threw out Kenney’s original 3-year sentence for felony tampering with evidence in the case. The higher court found that Teller County District Court Judge Scott Sells exceeded the maximum sentence allowed by her plea agreement, improperly relying on outside facts to push her prison time into the aggravated range for the crime.

On Tuesday, Sells resentenced Kenney to 18 months in prison with the same start date as her original sentence, Jon Sarché, spokesman for the Colorado Judicial Department, said in an email.

That start date, according to Colorado Department of Corrections records, was Jan. 28, 2020. But Kenney, now 34, was released on parole Tuesday, records show.

It’s not uncommon for inmates to be released early. The Colorado Revised Statutes dictate that inmates sentenced for Class 6 felonies, like Kenney, are eligible for parole after serving at least 50% of their time, contingent on other factors.

The 34-year-old is now assigned to the department’s parole division, records show.

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