‘Jealous’ man arrested after OnlyFans model brutally stabbed 14 times to death

A "jealous" man has been arrested over the murder of an OnlyFans model whose lifeless body was found at a guesthouse in Argentina.

Melani Juarez, 21, was had been dead for at least 24 hours from the 14 stab wounds she'd suffered in a horrific attack where she had been living in Rosario.

According to local media, Melani was a dancer and earned a living through charging for erotic content she posted to OnlyFans.

Alarm bells were first raised when she stopped answering her phone, leading her friend to go to the guest house to investigate but the door to her room was locked.

As the pal left, she passed a man who reportedly told her: "Are you looking for Melani? She's gone. I saw her at 11am getting into a pickup with a man."

However, the young woman had already been dead inside her room for over 24 hours at the time of the interaction.

Her body was eventually found by her sister after she went to the guesthouse with two police officers and entered the room via a side window.

The lights were off and the TV was on full volume as the victim's lifeless body was found on the floor with multiple stab wounds.

Her mobile phone was missing and has not been recovered.

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A post-mortem found that she had defensive injuries in addition to the stab wounds.

Cops have now arrested the man, identified as 27-year-old Mathias Ezequiel Dominguez, who had been residing in the same guesthouse.

Fifteen witness statements were taken by investigators, and all reportedly mentioned Dominguez, who was a former casual worker for a delivery company.

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An unnamed resident of the guesthouse was quoted in local media as saying: "Mathias checked into the guesthouse on December 17, 2021.

"The relationship between him and Melani wasn't good. She was friends with a guy named Fabian who lives in the next building, and Mathias, despite having only known her for a few days, was jealous and hounded her."

Investigators believe the crime took place in the early hours of January 16, with a resident spotting Dominguez washing his hands in the bathroom shortly afterwards.

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Dominguez unexpectedly left the guesthouse with his belongings the following Monday to be found hiding out at his mother's house in Alcorta.

He has since been arrested and is accused of aggravated murder.

The crime is still under investigation, but investigators preliminarily believe it may have been a sexual assault gone wrong.

The suspect exercised his right to remain silent at his hearing earlier this week.

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