Inside chilling overgrown abandoned mansion that’s haunted by a dark secret

TAKE a look inside this chilling overgrown and abandoned mansion that is haunted by a sinister secret.

The impressive property in Uniontown, Alabama, looks like an ideal family home from the exterior – but it is actually the site of a gruesome murder that went unsolved for nearly a DECADE.

A plucky urban explorer took an eerie trip to the Hardie-Coleman house, better known as the Allan Lucy Murder House, to inspect the derelict pad.

It acquired its spooky second name after the body of a teen who went missing back in 1985 was tragically uncovered there.

The late Allan Lucy had resided in the home with his adoptive parents Philip and Margaret Lucy before they claimed he had run away to Florida to be with his friends.

But he was actually buried in a Disney blanket under the grand porch of the property after Phillip brutally killed him.

The truth behind the terrifying tale was only exposed when the couple sold their home and the new owner began renovating it.

A construction worker harrowingly discovered Allan's remains nine years later in 1994 after inspecting the foundations of the home.

The grim discovery inevitably saw the once magnificent mansion, built in 1918, take a tumble on the property market before it was left to rot.

Now urban explorer David Bulit, who runs Abandoned Alabama, has revisited the site to take a peep inside the decrepit home.

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He explained: "Ironically, Allan’s adoptive parents were arrested just a week prior to the remains being discovered on an arson charge in connection to the fire that damaged the house.

"Police believed they torched the house in order to claim on the $119,000 insurance policy which was purchased just a month prior.

"While the couple was in custody, authorities performed a thorough investigation of the property and questioned family members before charging Philip Lucy with murder."

Allan's adoptive father was later found guilty in 1997 and after a failed verdict appeal in 2001, hung himself with his bedsheets in his jail cell.

His wife, Margaret, was implicated in the murder but was allowed to return home to care for her other children, before divorcing Philip and later dying of cancer in 1998.


One extraordinary image of their former family home shows the front of the house, where Allan’s body was discovered, dilapidated and boarded up.

Another of the pictures shows the deserted front room with only rays of light illuminating the whitewashed patches throughout the lounge.

Further snaps show the once well-kept greenery and trees have overtaken the land, which only adds to its unfortunate appearance.

Construction supplies are littered around some of the rooms, although they have visibly decayed after years of being left in disrrepair.

No trace of the family has been left behind, with only the basic features of each room remaining.

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The mansion is now interestingly owned by Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, although there seems to be been no plans to restore it.

Despite its abandonment, David is certain that local "residents will never forget the events that unfolded there in 1985."

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