‘Hijacking a highway’: OPP call alleged stunt driving video ‘dangerous and illegal’

An Ontario Provincial Police officer is speaking out about a video posted to Instagram that appears to show a major Toronto-area highway blocked off while a vehicle performs stunts.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt shared a video from 6ixbuzztv’s Instagram account to Twitter on Sunday showing what he called a “dangerous and illegal” highway stunt.

In the 17-second video, a white car can be seen driving in circles with its engine revving and tires squealing as people on the side of the highway watch and film the event, with a backlog of traffic stopped behind.

The video pans over to a sign for Pearson Airport and Viscount Road/Airport Road exits, suggesting the location of the incident was near highways 427 and 409.

“This is not only dangerous and illegal, it is disappointing when a mob mentality of hijacking a highway to make a scene like this is conducted. We are better than this … aren’t we?” Schmidt tweeted on Sunday night.

It is unknown when this incident occurred, but the video was posted on 6ixbuzztv’s account earlier on Sunday.

There is no word yet on whether charges have been laid in connection with the video.

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