Hero dog bitten by venomous snake while hunting drug cartel explosives

A Colombian Army sniffer dog had to be flown to a hospital after being bitten by a venomous snake while searching for explosives.

Footage shows Luna the sniffer dog being carried on a makeshift stretcher by camouflaged soldiers in a coca crop in Columbia.

The brave animal is carried onto the Huey II chopper which had landed only moments before.

One of the troops picks the dog's IV bag up before attempting to get her to lay down.

After one of her hind legs where bandaged she was flown to safety.

The troops, from the Hercules task force, had been investigating a coca crop at the time of the incident.

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Luna was there to detect any mines or explosives set up by a drug gang to deter the authorities, according to local reports.

She was sniffing around the coca plants when the snake bit her hind leg.

The exact species of snake was not reported.

Luckily, a soldier saw the incident and immediately notified his superiors, who requested air backup for the injured canine.

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The Huey II helicopter was mobilised after troops sent their jungle coordinates to colleagues.

Three soldiers are believed to have fashioned the stretcher to carry Luna through the jungle to the helicopter's landing position.

In less than an hour, the sniffer dog was in the port city of Tumaco where it was treated by an army vet.

Thanks to the soldiers' quick actions, Luna survived the snake bite and is currently recovering at the barracks in Tumaco.

It comes after a loyal dog was killed by a snake upon saving young children.

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