Heartbroken mum of girl, 15, stabbed to death calls on cops to make killers ‘pay’ for her brutal murder

THE mother of a teenage girl who was reportedly stabbed to death has called on cops to make the killers "pay" for her murder in Colombia.

Lynda Michelle Amaya Buelvas, 15, was found dead with mutiple stab wounds and a blow to the head in Bogota, Colombia, according to reports.

She was buried in Bogota a few days ago but questions around her death still remain.

Her heartbroken mother, Nathalie Amaya, told local media she wants the killers caught and demanded clarification about her daughter's death.

She said: "What happened to my daughter was a violent murder, so we want clarification of the facts and we want those responsible to pay."

Nathalie reportedly disbelieves the theory she was given that Lynda was a victim of a bike theft, and that she was instead a victim of femicide.

Local police have also spoke about the brutality of the attack on Lynda.

A police spokesperson said: "The number of stab wounds and the forceful blow she received to the head highlight the brutality with which Lynda-Michelle was murdered."

But Nathalie is reportedly angry with Colombian authorities for their handling of the case so far.

It has been claimed she was denied access to CCTV footage that may be relevant to the investigation.

She has also accused authorities of negligence after her daughter's body allegedly remained in the coroner's office for over a month.

She reportedly went to the coroner’s office and described her daughter to check if they had a corresponding body, but she was told no, despite the fact that it was indeed being held there.

Her tireless search for her daughter came to an end on New Year's Eve, when a DNA test matched her daughter to the body held at the coroner's office.

It has been claimed that numerous criminals tried to extort her for fake information while she was searching for Lynda, who who suffers from a mild cognitive disorder.

Despite the cumulative issues around the case, the family reportedly still hope the ongoing investigation around the case will soon yield answers.

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