Great white shark tears chunks out of whale carcass in front of amazed fishermen

Wild footage has emerged of a great white shark feeding on a whale carcass just off a beach.

Captain Chip Michalove and a group of fishermen learned that a whale had become trapped in ropes and later died near the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, US.

They headed out to the sea hoping to find the carcass but ended up witnessing a feeding frenzy of great white sharks chomping down on the whale meat.

Footage shared onto Instagram page of Outcast Sport Fishing shows one hungry apex predator sinking its teeth into the whale's fin and tears off its flesh.

When the shark bites on the whale's gills, a large plume of air is released.

Chip said the group tried to hook and tag the shark and realised there were more than one circling around the carcass.

He wrote: "Maybe one of the best days I’ve been alive today. So much work went into finding this whale, and the payoff was one I’ll never forget.

"From 9am till we left, it was one great white shark after another. Part of the time we hooked and tagged, other times we just watched."

Other than great white sharks, Chip said they also saw tiger sharks, sandbar sharks and a bluefin tuna.

The National Marine Fisheries Service said they found the 11-year-old whale dead just off the Myrtle Beach on February 28.

The agency added that it became entangled in October off the coast of Nantucket and a sighting on February 18 indicated its condition had worsened since that time.

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