Great white shark ‘pops out’ of dark water and circles terrified spearfisher

Footage of a large male great white shark circling a spearfisher has made waves on social media.

The video was filmed by Jason Harris who was spearfishing off the coast of Northern Beaches in New South Wales, Australia.

In the clip, he is diving several metres below the surface and the surroundings are dark and murky, with fish half-visible in the poor light.

Roughly 20 seconds in, he spins around and spots a massive shark-shaped creature gliding towards him.

As it comes closer, it is clearly a great white shark – which Jason estimates to be three metres in length – circling around him with curiosity.

Jason exhales a stream of bubbles and quickly surfaces.

"F***ing great white," he tells his pal who is swimming next to him at the surface.

"What?" his mate replies, clearly as staggered as he is, before bobbing down to check out the apex predator with his own eyes.

When he later uploaded the video to YouTube, Jason explained he had subconsciously "felt" the shark was near before he actually spotted it.

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  • In the caption he wrote: "On the 2nd dive for the morning, I dropped down and felt the presence of something to my right.

    "This White Shark popped out of the dirty water and cruised past me with an entourage of Kingfish following behind.

    "I can safely tick that off my bucket list. Glad he wasn't aggressive!"

    The video has been watched more than 12,000 times and attracted dozens of comments since Jason uploaded it on YouTube on October 16.

    "That’s epic mate I’m super jealous haha," wrote one fan.

    A second viewer enthused: "How many bricks were s***? Awesome stuff Jase!"

    "Damn, I've speared around sharks but never a GWS!!" commented another viewer.

    This comes after a great white shark was caught on video being chased away by a gigantic elephant seal that dwarfed the marine predator.

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