Girl, 10, shot dead by Russian troops alongside her parents as 16 kids are slaughtered by Putin in Ukraine

A YOUNG girl has been shot by Russian troops alongside her parents as Putin’s forces have slaughtered 16 children amid the bloody invasion.

Polina, a 4th-grade pupil, believed to be around ten years old, was killed by a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group who opened fire on her family's car in Kyiv.

According to the city's mayor, Volodymyr Bondarenko the girl's brother is at Okhmatdyt children's hospital and her sister is in intensive care.

A devastating total of sixteen children have died so far in the brutal war, said Ukraine's Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.

Shocking images show one of the Russian invasion's youngest victims, a six-year-old girl wearing unicorn pyjamas who died after an airstrike in Mariupol.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital but sadly she could not be saved.

Her grieving mum was pictured weeping as she waited outside the ambulance as the medical team frantically tried to revive her.

It is estimated 1,684 people have been injured in the fighting so far.

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Russia has so far fired more than 350 missiles at Ukrainian cities, with many hitting civilians.

Another tragic seven-year-old girl, named Alisa Hlans, died in the city of Okhtyrka, after her nursery was bombed last week, BBC reported.

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The little girl, who was only three months away from her eighth birthday was fatally wounded and died in hospital on Saturday Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova said.

A young boy was killed on the second day of the invasion after Putin's forces blitzed an apartment block in Chuhuiv in Kharkiv.

And local media reported a child was killed and two were wounded in a blast that hit the National Children’s Specialized Hospital Okhmatdyt.

It comes as…

  • Ukraine faces a "crucial 24 hours" as officials from Kyiv and Moscow sit down for high level peace talks
  • Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is reportedly assisting in the peace process
  • UK defence sec Ben Wallace warned Vladimir Putin's forces could unleash an "indiscriminate and ruthless" bombing campaign
  • Russia fears a bank run and civil unrest after crushing Western sanctions were imposed over the weekend
  • Heartbreaking scenes show thousands of Ukrainian kids separated from their dads at the border
  • And a little girl, 6, wearing unicorn pyjamas was killed in a Russian airstrike as doctors told reporters 'show this to Putin'
  • Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being hailed as a hero after he went from being a comedian to a war time leader
  • Putin has been accused of taking muscle-boosting steroids that may be giving him roid rage

Dr Andrey Vysotskyi told Sky News, a 10-year-old boy who was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds died en route.

He saidhe was "in the ambulance and also the ambulance was under gunfire." 

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Meanwhile, dozens of civilians are believed to have been killed in a catastrophic missile and rocket bombardment that took place earlier today.

The attack in Kharkiv, happened while the two countries met for peace talks on the border with Belarus.

Harrowing footage showed crumpled bodies and streets smeared with blood.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that his country faces a "crucial" 24 hours in a call with Boris Johnson.

The PM today warned that Putin had made a "colossal mistake" by underestimating the resistance, as he is getting ready to fly to Eastern Europe for urgent security talks

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said that the stalled invasion could force Russia to unleash "ruthless, indiscriminate" bombing of Ukraine.

His warning came after Putin's ally Belarus accused the West of pushing Russia to the brink of World War 3 as Moscow put its nuclear forces on "high alert".

 Putin put his nuclear forces on high alert after warning the West "may face the greatest consequences in history".

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