General Election 2019 LIVE: Boris Johnson to slash business rates to boost the High Street – latest updates

BORIS Johnson will announce a much-needed lifeline to Britain's ailing High Street retailers during his CBI speech today.

The PM is planning a package of cuts to help smaller business "make the most out of Brexit".

Boris Johnson will enforce a cut of up to £1,000 for more than 500,000 businesses by raising the employment allowance.

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    Jennifer Arcuri has claimed Boris Johnson is “ignoring” her and hung up the phone the last time she reached out to him.

    The US businesswoman told GMB Mr Johnson had left her to deal with a “massive scandal” after it was alleged they had a four-year affair.

    She previously claimed Mr Johnson had visited her flat, which had a dancing pole, in East London for “technology lessons”.

    Ms Arcuri said: “I can’t speak to what he’s doing now. Why ignore me?

    “He hung up on me.

    “Am I going to stand outside Downing Street and stalk him? Absolutely not.

    “He knows to call me, it’s the right thing to do.”


    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will today announce 320,000 apprenticeships in England during their first term in government, with the programme creating 886,000 by 2030.

    Corbyn said a new climate apprenticeship would train around 80,000 people a year.

    Climate apprenticeships will “upskill” the UK workforce so that UK companies can compete and succeed in the green economy, the party said.

    Labour would pay for it bydiverting 25% of the funds employers already set aside through the Apprenticeship Levy and topped up by any dividends over the cap paid into Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds.


    Who would make a better Prime Minister… Piers Morgan or Susanna Reid?

    That's the heated debate taking place on Good Morning Britain today.

    Susanna has a 39 per cent backing from viewers… and Piers isn't happy about it.


    BORIS Johnson last night announced four new tax cuts for businesses to make Britain one of the most competitive economies in the world after Brexit. 

    He will pledge to reduce the overall burden of business rates as part of a root-and-branch review of the property tax in his first Budget; cut job taxes by increasing the Employment Allowance from £3,000 to £4,000 for every firm; introduce a new tax relief on the purchase, building or leasing of a property and increase research and development (R&D) tax credits by 1%.

    Today all three party leaders will be at the CBI conference to reveal why they think business should trust them with their vote.

    But Jeremy Corbyn sent a shiver down the spine of businesses by claiming his current nationalisation plans were “very, very modest” while his union backer Len McCluskey signalled even more industries could be nationalised under Labour’s plans when they are unveiled in full on Thursday.

    Yesterday Mr Corbyn was also slammed for hinting he would get rid of Trident as PM – and that he would allow all migrants to bring their families to Britain.

    The leftie boss was told by the SNP the price of their support would be a commitment to scrap Britain's nuclear deterrent.

    The Labour leader also suggested family reunification rights that will be available to EU citizens after Brexit should be extended to anyone legally living and working here as he said there will be “a great deal of movement” after Brexit.   

    Meanwhile, pub chiefs have called on Boris Johnson to cut beer duty if he gets elected again.

    And a new poll shows that nearly three times as many people think Boris Johnson is a better candidate to be Prime Minister than Jeremy Corbyn.

    More people gave the answer “don’t know” than said the Labour leader when they were asked who would make the best Prime Minister, with 47 per cent saying the Tory leader and just 17 per cent saying the Labour boss.

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