Fugitive wanted by police arrested after applying for job – with police

A woman applied to work as a security guard for a local sheriff's office while she was wanted by police.

Zyeama Y. Johnson was arrested on October 4 after she attended what she thought was a job interview. Ironically she had applied to work for Hudson County in New Jersey, USA, in their specialist department for finding people who are wanted for outstanding warrants.

Johnson had been wanted by authorities in Monroe County, Pennsylvania for failure to appear in court on charges of fraud, as well as an additional 10 bench warrants for failure to appear in court on traffic charges in Jersey City.

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"She applied for a job as a security guard," a detective for the Hudson County Sheriff's Office told Newsweek. "Obviously, as part of the background check process, we run them for warrants."

"At that point, we called her in for an interview—or rather what she thought was an interview—and we took her into custody," said the sheriff's office spokesperson.

Asked why Johnson might have deliberately put herself at risk of arrest by applying for a job with the sheriff's office as a fugitive from justice, the spokesperson said, "We don't know."

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County Sheriff Frank Schillari told local news site NJ.com that after Johnson’s arrest, police took a routine inventory of Johnson’s property.

Sheriff’s officers discovered that she had two credit cards that had been reported stolen, and she was subsequently charged with credit card theft.

As she was processed for arrest, it came to light that Johnson had previously been an employee of the United States Postal Service. Detectives contacted the United States Postal Investigative Service, which has now launched its own separate investigation.

Johnson is currently being held in Hudson County jail in Kearny awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.


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