Family's sad message after their daughter was mauled by Rottweilers

Family of woman mauled by pet Rottweilers shares bombshell message after dog attack in Success 

  • Young woman mauled by pet Rottweilers
  • Family shared a bombshell message 

The family of a young woman viciously mauled by her pet Rottweilers have made a bombshell claim ‘there is more to this story’. 

Nikita Piil, 31, suffered severe injuries to her arms and legs after she was viciously attacked by seven-year-old dog Bronx and four-year-old Harlem at her Success home, in Perth, on last Saturday afternoon.

Her sister Natasha launched a GoFundMe asking for any donations from the community to go towards future surgeries and rehabilitation fees.

‘She loved and adored her dogs, and her friends and family have witnessed how much they loved her too,’ Natasha wrote.

‘Unfortunately she got caught in a crossfire calming her dogs down due to an incident within the neighbourhood. There’s more to this story as to what the media has told.’

Nikita Piil (pictured) was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital with severe injuries to her arms and legs shortly before 5 pm last week after being set upon by her dogs

Nikita Piil (pictured) has been mauled by her dogs whom she shares lot of photos ofon social media

The fundraiser has drawn in more than $3,600, of the $15,000 target with a pledge to donate 100 per cent of the contributions towards Nikita’s hospital needs.

‘She has a long road ahead to recovery and every dollar counts, no matter how big or small,’ Natasha wrote.

‘We know that times are tough and we appreciate any donation to get her through this difficult time.’

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Nikita was viciously attacked by her two Rottweilers, seven-year-old Bronx and four-year-old Harlem, at her Success home in the city’s south.

Police arrived at least 10 minutes after the neighbours first heard Ms Piil’s screams, and officers shot Bronx. The dog was later euthanised by a vet.

Harlem was taken to a local pound, where he remains while the investigation into the attack continues.

Ms Piil remains in a serious but stable condition after suffering major blood loss as doctors desperately try to save her arm.

Ms Piil’s Facebook posts dedicated to her beloved Rottweilers have resurfaced and have since been targeted by vile online trolls.

Her Facebook is littered with photos of her Rottweilers, including one of the dogs sitting next to dug-up artificial turf.

‘My babies’ Ms Piil captioned the photo alongside a black heart in 2020

In June, she captioned a photo of her dogs relaxed on the couch.

‘My little kangaroo,’ she wrote.

Days later, Mr Piil shared a Facebook video from a breeder of Rottweiler pups ready to be rehomed.

‘Want them all. Always breeding the most beautiful babies,’ she captioned the video.

Ms Piil got Bronx as a puppy in September 2016 and couldn’t wait to wait to get him home and show him off on Facebook.

Nikita Piil has been hospitalised in a serious condition after being set upon by her Rottweillers Bronx and Harlem

‘Baby Bronx is finally home! So incredibly in love with this little sleepyhead. Life is complete. #Rottweilerpuppy #mummysboy,’ she captioned a photo of the sleeping puppy.

Mr Piil paid tribute to Bronx on his first birthday a year later.

‘I couldn’t ask for a more incredible, cheeky, loyal, intelligent and protective little mate. You’re my whole world,’ she captioned a photo of Bronx at the beach

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The renowned dog lover also had a sign on her door which read: ‘Beware of the Rottweiler’.

It remains unclear what prompted the dogs to attack their owner.

Since the nightmare attack, Ms Piil and the breeder who sold Bronx have faced cruel criticism online.

The breeder who sold Harlem to Ms Piil broke her silence to say she knew the dog to be ‘placid’ and believes the owner’s actions must have triggered the attack.

The breeder, who requested to remain anonymous, said Harlem came from a family of show dogs and was known for being a ‘very placid non-dominant dog’ who was also really loving, and good-natured.

‘It’s not likely that a Rottweiler would attack anybody for no reason,’ she told The West this week.

‘In this instance, there must have been a dog fight between the two dogs and I feel that maybe the owner has gotten involved to try and separate the dogs and somehow gotten in between it.

‘Watching any two dogs having a fight is traumatic for any owner. Especially trying to separate them on your own.’

The breeder also hit back at claims Harlem was bred for violence.

Bronx was put down by vets as Piil’s other dog – four-year-old rottweiler Harlem – remains in a City of Cockburn facility while an investigation into why the pair attacked continues

‘We don’t breed dogs for fighting. We don’t breed dogs for security. We mainly breed them for show and to place them in family units,’ she said.

‘The bloodlines of that dog are from show lines, so they are absolutely not known to [attack].’

She added online trolls accusing Ms Piil of neglecting the dogs were wrong, saying both dogs were ‘very well-kept and very well-loved’.

Neighbour Bryn Spencer said he and another nearby resident heard Ms Piil’s screams several minutes before they tried to breakup the attack.

However, the pair couldn’t access her backyard without putting themselves in danger.

‘I was hearing ‘help, help, please help!’,’ Mr Spencer told Nine News

‘I was contemplating jumping the fence and getting in there to try to rescue her but, obviously, there were two Rottweilers in there.

‘I didn’t have a knife, I didn’t have anything really good to take this dog out.

‘I only had a bat. All I could really do was watch this girl get mauled apart while I am smacking the fence.’

Nikita Piil once described her dog Bronx as her whole world – loyal, intelligent and protective – but on last week, something went horribly wrong

Another neighbour turned a hose on one of the dogs, which succeeded in momentarily distracting it.

‘The dog stopped for a bit and it was looking at me deciding what to do next,’ Mr Spencer said.

‘I kept screaming at it and smacking the fence and then it decided, ‘Stuff you’ and it got the girl and dragged her behind the back corner.

Police attempted to taser Bronx but were unsuccessful and forced to shoot the dog in a desperate attempt to stop the attack with Ms Piil’s life was in danger,

Bronx was later euthanised while Harlem remains in ranger custody.

‘The dog will remain at the facility until investigations surrounding the incident are finalised,’ City of Cockburn head of Community Safety and Ranger Services Michael Emery said.

Western Australia Premier Roger Cook has called for an inquiry into the circumstances leading up to the horrific attack.

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