Fairground horror as girl, 11, is left hanging from Ferris wheel

Fairground horror as girl, 11, is left hanging from Ferris wheel when seat flips up, before finally losing her grip in front of screaming crowd and smashing through stall

  • An 11-year-old girl was seen hanging from a Ferris wheel at a Brazil fairground
  • She fell seven metres after her hand slipped, and slammed into a metal structure
  • The safety lock on her sear seemingly unlatched while it was going round 

An 11-year-old girl was left hanging from a Ferris wheel after an alleged malfunction caused her to fall from her seat.

The terror unfolded when a safety lock on the seat she and her friend were on was said to have unlatched while the ride, at a fairground in Rio Preto da Eva, Brazil, was going around.

The suspected fault caused the seat to flip, prompting the girl and her 13-year-old pal to tumble out.

The girl plummeted more than seven metres and hit the ground with a thud, while the younger girl managed to grab on with her hands.

Footage filmed by fairgoers shows how she is left dangling high above the ground as people below look on in horror.

The young girl held on for dear life as the Ferris wheel kept on spinning at the fairground in Rio Preto da Eva, Brazil

She was dangling seven metres above the ground after her seat malfunctioned

She was seen hitting a structure apparently made from metal during her dangerous fall

As the ride creaks along, she eventually loses her grip and drops to the ground as high-pitched shrieks are heard.

She can be seen hitting a structure apparently made from metal during her descent on the night of October 31. 

The other girl’s dad, Raimundo Claudinei, was on another seat with his younger daughter when the malfunction happened.

He told local media: ‘We had taken about five turns on the wheel, and I realised something was wrong.

‘That’s when I looked and saw my daughter already hanging upside down.

The gathered crowd shrieked as the 11-year-old girl fell from her malfunctioning seat

The girls’ families are planning on taking legal action in response to the nearly-fatal incident

‘And when I looked again, she was already hanging and fell. As I was holding my seven-year-old daughter, I didn’t know what I could do.’

After the girls’ plunges, paramedics gave the pair first aid at the scene. 

Both were then taken to a local hospital before being transferred to a larger facility in Manaus about 35 miles away.

The older girl was still in hospital with injuries to her pelvic area.

Her family said she was still awaiting tests.

The younger girl has already been discharged.

Raimundo recalled how the Ferris wheel felt extremely unsafe, with only a piece of rope separating riders from a terrifying drop.

The amusement park has since been closed by the authorities and the incident has been reported to the police.

Raimundo said he plans to sue the venue when his daughter is recovered.

He told local media: ‘I’ll wait for her to come home and then take appropriate action along with the competent authorities.’

The younger girl’s family also plans to take legal action, local media report.

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