Ex-prisoner says she worked in jail salon with Becky Watts' killer

‘She carried herself as though she’s the victim’: Ex-prisoner who says she worked in jail salon with Becky Watts’ killer Shauna Hoare reveals she tried to portray ‘timid sweetness’ behind bars but ‘manipulated situations for her benefit’

  • Emily Duffy, who talks about her life in prison on TikTok, claims she met Hoare

An ex-prisoner who says she worked with Becky Watts’ killer Shauna Hoare while in jail says she acted like a victim and tried to portray a ‘timid sweetness’ – but would ‘manipulate situations for her benefit’. 

Hoare, 29, was released under licence at the start of this month after serving eight years, which she received for her part in the murder of the Bristol teen that shocked the nation back in 2015.

She was found guilty of manslaughter in October that year, and given a 17-year sentence. Her then boyfriend Nathan Matthews – who was Becky’s step-brother – was convicted of murder and given a life sentence with a minimum term of 33 years.

Former inmate Emily Duff, who says she was in a house block inside HMP Bronzefield with Hoare, has told her TikTok followers what the killer was like behind bars. 

She claims she was ‘privileged’ and had her own shower in her room, was able to complete a beauty qualification and work in a salon, had a girlfriend, and acted like a victim on the inside. 

But Duff, a former drug runner according to the Daily Star, told her TikTok followers in a video that she believed Hoare’s behaviour was fake and that she was ‘evil to the core’. 

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Shauna Hoare, 29, (pictured) was released under licence after serving half the sentence she received for her part in the murder of the Bristol teen

The woman who helped her boyfriend murder 16-year-old Becky Watts (pictured) has been released from prison after just eight years in a move criticised by the victim’s mother

‘When in HMP Bronzefield, Shauna actually lived on what was essentially an enhanced house block, so you had privileges like a shower in your room,’ Duff said. 

‘So for anyone who’s been to prison, not having to shower communally is great, so in that sense she was living nice. This meant as well that she was not in general population, not on other house blocks where she could have been at risk.

‘She was able to move freely around the prison, in between work and education. The whole time I was there I never saw anything happen to her.

‘I also lived on this house block, so I would see her around the house block and I worked with her in the salon so quite a lot of my time was spent around her. Not that I really had conversations with her, only if it was purely to do with hairdressing. I’d never sat down and had a full blown conversation with her.

‘To me, she almost carried herself as though she was the victim, came across really timid, tried to portray a sweetness but I didn’t buy it.

‘In my eyes, I believe she’s a manipulator and I believe she did what she could while she was there to manipulate situations for her benefit.’

Duff also claimed Hoare had a girlfriend while she was in prison, though relationships were not promoted, she said. 

Duff in a TikTok video where she gives her opinion on what Shauna Hoare was like in prison

Hoare denied all knowledge that her then-boyfriend (pictured) had murdered his step-sister while she was in Becky’s family home in St George

‘They spent significant time with each other whilst we were unlocked. Obviously there were officers that would go in and check and make sure nothing was going on, but she was in a relationship,’ she added. 

Duff claimed Hoare did a hairdressing course, gained a level two in beauty therapy and worked on the beauty side of the salon – doing manicures, pedicures, eyebrows, and waxing.

‘So she did have quite a trusted job because it was a higher banded job, so she was actually in a privileged position.’ 

But Duff said she felt Hoare was ‘fake’ and that her behaviour wasn’t genuine.

‘I just think she’s evil to the core to be honest with you,’ she said. 

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: ‘We know this will be an incredibly difficult time for Becky Watts’ loved ones and our heartfelt thoughts remain with them.

‘It’s untrue to suggest any preferential treatment was given – prisoners housed together are subject to the same regime of restrictions and opportunities.’

Duff said she felt Hoare was ‘fake’ and that her behaviour wasn’t genuine

Hoare, who was pregnant at the time of Becky’s murder, denied all knowledge that her then-boyfriend had murdered his step-sister while she was in Becky’s family home in St George, loaded her body into the back of their car, drove it to their flat in Barton Hill and, over the course of the next few days, dismembered it.

But a jury at Bristol Crown Court in October 2015 heard that the couple went on shopping sprees over the following few days buying cling film, goggles and masks – all items used in the ‘meticulously’ process of packing up her body parts. 

Hoare searched ‘do you want to hide a body’ on YouTube the day after Becky was killed, but said it had been a parody of the Disney film, Frozen. 

When police searched the couple’s home, they discovered a cluttered house although a clean bathroom, with no traces of Becky’s DNA or blood.

She was convicted of manslaughter, and later lost an appeal against her conviction and the length of her sentence. 

Tanya Watts, Becky’s mother, recently revealed her fury at Hoare’s release, saying: ‘She’s not even 30, she’s got her whole life ahead of her and she’s got a future, whereas when we go to talk to our daughter, we’re talking to the ground.’

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