Ex-heroin addict mum shares amazing before and after photos of beating addiction

A former heroin addict has shared her inspirational transformation after she kicked the drugs and turned her life around.

Demi-Nicole Dunlop, 27, from Fochabers, near Elgin, Scotland, says she took the Class A drugs every single day for two years.

But she has now been clean for four months after receiving treatment in hospital as part of her ongoing recovery.

Demi-Nicole used to look gaunt, and her face was covered in scabs.

Photos show her lying in her bedroom, which was covered in litter, while she was still taking drugs.

But recent photos show the Scot looking absolutely stunning – and she's shared her story in order to help other addicts turn their lives around.

Demi-Nicole, who is also now engaged, said: “I’ve now been entirely clean of both crack cocaine and heroin for four months.

“That’s entirely clean. After being an addict for two years, every single day.

“It took me a very long time to feel I’m worthy, I’ve done well and feel proud of how far I’ve come.”

In the incredible Facebook post she wrote: “But that’s only because of the incredible support of you all, I’ll forever be grateful for that.”

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She added: “The reasoning behind me sharing these graphic photos again of the before, during and after addiction is to now be shared, far and wide.

“If you’re reading this and you’re in mid-addiction and you’re feeling you will never get out of that dark, scary, black, horrible daily cycle of addiction, that black hole, then you can.

“Please please believe me.

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“I had a large scale habit and I thought there was never gonna be a light at the end of the tunnel and I found it.

“It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t a walk in the park and it most certainly has been far from pleasant.

“But please be reassured by me, that you can and you will become free of that dark black hole of addiction.

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“I know that feeling of thinking it’s impossible, I’m an example of it being possible.

“I was absolutely terrified initially of making my story public as most of you are aware, but I’m very lucky in the aspect of having such great support and positive feedback, and so will you.”

Demi-Nicole added: “Please feel free – I’ve made this post public – to share my story!

“If this is able to help somebody else and give them the drive and reassurance things can change then I’d be thrilled.”

Commenting on the post one said: “I’ve watched your journey, you're an inspirational woman and beautiful.”

Another added: “You look so happy today Demi, full of positivity.

“Keep a smile on that beautiful face.”

And old school friend said: “You're doing amazing and I can see it in you, you’re ready for this Demi.

“You'll be back to yourself and the same girl I was best mates with in school.”

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