Ex-British Army soldier who murdered neighbours over parking row found guilty

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Ex-soldier Collin Reeves has been found guilty of brutally murdering his neighbours over a dispute on parking that had rumbled on for six months before its violent end.

Reeves, 35, stabbed Jennifer and Stephen Chapple inside their home in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, on November 21, 2021 while their children slept upstairs.

Reeves was found guilty at Bristol Crown Court and will be sentenced at a later date.

During the lengthy trial, it was established that Reeves had been caught on camera in May last year marching up to his neighbour Jennifer Chapple, 33, outside their home.

In the doorbell footage, Reeves was heard telling Jennifer: "You can't park there".

She hits back to him: "You don't own the road."

Reeves' wife Kayley explained the cause of tension via a recording played to the jury of an interview she gave to Avon and Somerset Police following the killing.

In the recording, she said: "It was bugging him for months, he just let it go by. But it got to the point where here he was finding it difficult to get in and out of his allocated parked space.

"So he just told them one day 'look, you can't park there, you're making it difficult for me.' Her husband had already smashed into Collins car.'"

Six months later, the dispute took a violent turn when on the night of November 21, Reeves returned to his neighbours house.

Using a ceremonial dagger he was given by the army when he left in 2017, he stabbed both Jennifer and her husband Stephen to death.

Reeves was seen in the footage, shown to the jury Bristol Crown Court, to have climbed over their fence, walked in through their back door and stabbed them six times each, screaming "die f*****s, die".

Throughout the trial, Reeves denied murder and claimed he was suffering from an abnormality of mental functioning at the time of the murder.

Instead, he pled guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

However, the jury found there was enough evidence to find him guilty of murder which is the charge he will now be sentenced for.

The family of Mr and Mrs Chapple said in a statement: "No verdict will bring back our beautiful Jennifer and Stephen.

"If anything, these past 10 days have prolonged us finding out how Jennifer and Stephen spent their final moments."

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