‘Doctor Exorcist’ whose YouTube-researched ritual left girlfriend in coma jailed

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An exorcism-obsessed doctor was today handed a 14-year prison sentence after being found guilty of putting a nurse into a deep coma by injecting her with anaesthetic and sedatives.

Hossam Metwally, 64, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, told Sheffield Crown Court that he had performed exorcism rites on his partner Kelly Wilson, 34, "out of kindness", in an attempt to make her feel better by removing bad spirits from her body. He denied administering her drugs.

The medical practitioner said that the procedure came after she had been suffering an especially bad bout of illness after a long period of poor health, Grimsby Live reports.

He claimed that she consented, saying: "Kelly was very willing and she asked for it. She was very fresh and alert after it. I did this to help Kelly."

He also revealed that their relationship had deteriorated significantly in the five years they had been together, saying: "she was a beautiful, nice girl who became a monster who wanted to attack me."

The court heard that he had consulted with an Islamic association before carrying out the ceremony in July 2019, and was referred from there to a man who specialised in ruqya — a centuries-old practice intended to summon 'jinn' spirits from the body using scents and smells.

Metwally watched and learned about the ritual on YouTube, including concepts of the evil eye and black magic. He also watched examples of ruqya on Facebook.

The doctor began the ceremony by making a "holy oil" including virgin oil, coconut butter and coconut milk. This was microwaved for five to ten minutes, and then blended before being put in a bottle.

Verses from the Koran were recited and holy water from Mecca was used along with the oil. He restrained her, believing this a necessary measure to take until the jinn was removed.

It is then alleged that he injected her with anaesthetic and sedatives, a charge which Metwally denied.

"The jinn were interfering with Kelly," he claimed.

"They were interfering with her body and her breathing was compromised. I had nothing to do with drugs. I was not giving her drugs."

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Metwally did not call an ambulance after Ms Wilson became further unwell during the ritual, and claimed that she had asked him not to, saying: "She was fighting the jinn. I didn't call an ambulance. I knew she would refuse."

She was then taken to his clinic on Laceby Road, Grimsby, where she was found to be in a coma. Upon arrival at hospital, doctors feared that she would die from total organ failure.

Sentencing him to 14 years, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Metwally today: ""You are a disgrace to your profession and will not be a doctor for much longer."

"You perverted medical practices for your own ends. You are also not a very good doctor because in those perverted practices you almost killed the woman you said you loved."

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The surreal case took an even more unusual turn earlier this year, when a doctor giving evidence stepped in to help a member of the jury suffering a suspected seizure in the courtroom.

Judges were left to decide afterwards whether the act of rescue could potentially bias the jury in favour of Dr Brown's evidence, but decided to let the trial continue.

Metwally was found guilty of all offences in addition to two separate charges of fraud and voyeurism, including three of involving administering anaesthetic drugs which endangered life, three of supplying controlled drugs and medicines, and possessing a controlled drug with intent to supply and fraud.

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