Disturbing video shows Lyft passenger’s racist rant when asked to put on mask

An angry Lyft passenger hurled racial slurs at a driver who asked him to put on a mask, disturbing video shows.

The footage, taken Tuesday in Issaquah, Washington, shows a passenger identified only as “Joe” erupting after driver David Kangogo asked him to put his mask back on after taking it off during the ride.

The man, who appeared to be inebriated, then got out of the car and unleashed a torrent of verbal abuse toward Kangogo, whom he called a “sandn—–” while his female companion looked on.

Kongogo then urged “Joe” to keep spewing his hate as the driver recorded the interaction.

“What’s a sandn—–? Do you know what a sandn—– is?” the man asked. “‘Cuz I do.”

The Lyft customer’s companion then told him to stop, saying she was also recording the confrontation that has since gone viral.

“I got your license plate,” the woman tells Kangogo. “You should never drive Lyft again.”

Kangogo told the couple to “just put on” their masks, but Joe wasn’t having it – and even threatened to urinate inside the car, video shows.

“Here, hold on, I’ll feel better when I p— in here,” the man said.

Kangogo, 30, told Newsweek the man ignored his first request to put his mask back on after taking it off during the ride. The company’s policy requires all passengers and drivers to don masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kangogo said he called Lyft reps following the incident and then went home.

“I couldn’t drive,” Kangogo told the outlet. “I was literally shaking.”

In a statement to The Post, Lyft confirmed the unidentified passenger has been permanently banned.

Man calls Lyft driver N-word and threatens to “p***” in his car after he pulled customers over for not wearing masksracist-lyft-01

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