Diana’s marriage ended by ‘infidelity, cheating and lies not Panorama’ – expert

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Princess Diana’s marriage to Charles was not ended by the BBC’s slammed Panorama interview but by "infidelity, cheating and lies” a royal expert has claimed.

The infamous Interview by Martin Bashir has been heavily criticised for the deceitful way that he got Diana to speak with the help of fake bank accounts.

Prince William said that the interview fuelled his mother’s “fear, paranoia and isolation” in the final years of her life and damaged her relationship with Charles.

While his brother Harry said: "The ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices ultimately took her life."

Earl Spencer has said that the police should investigate the circumstances of the interview following Lord Dyson’s report found that there was a “serious breach” of the BBC’s producer guidelines.

But royal expert Robert Jobson told a podcast that he feels that the Panorama interview is now being seen out of context. He said that for however much deceit was used to bring it about, it didn’t change anything.

“This was a bombshell interview that changed history, yes the way it was obtained and the way it was covered up was wrong but what she had to say she would have said anyway,” he told Heirpod.

“I think the royals are slightly disingenuous trying to rewrite the narrative and for William, a future king, to start telling what should be repeated and what shouldn’t be repeated, I find that slightly unhealthy.”

Jobson said that the marriage was on the rocks anyway with both couples were cheating on each other.

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“I think that Diana probably looks back […] and thought maybe I was wrong at that time, but it was her truth at that time, it was what she wanted to say at that time," said Jobson.

"Yes it did lead to the Queen saying that the divorce had to happen but let’s be honest the fact that both were sleeping, Charles and Diana, with other people meant that this marriage was going to end in divorce anyway.

"You can’t carry on an adulterous marriage with both parties cheating on each other and expect this marriage to last and I think it is ludicrous to suggest in any other way that Panorama changed the whole thing.

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"No, Panorama was a pivot at a moment in time, it certainly didn’t cause the end of the marriage. What caused the end of the marriage was the infidelity cheating and lies that both parties took part in.”

He also questioned the claims by the royals about her being manipulated by the BBC interview.

“We are almost canonising Diana as this innocent child, Diana was a smart cookie when it came to the media world, she knew how to play the media," said Jobson.

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