‘Decaying’ US states wanting to join Russia will be considered, says Kremlin MP

A generous Russian politician has given states from the USA the option to defect to The Motherland and says any requests would be considered.

A recent poll found some Americans wanted the state they live in to be independent, prompting State Duma deputy Alexander Tolmachev to chime in with the bizarre update.

He claimed the US was starting "to decay" and added Europe wasn’t an attractive option either because the EU was "bursting at the seams".

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Speaking about the possibility of US states joining Russia on news site Podmoskovye Segodnya, Tolmachev said: "Such initiatives are a signal that the citizens of the United States are dissatisfied with their leadership and are ready to take extreme measures, up to secession, if the current policy of America continues."

Russian news site Mosregtoday.ru claimed 80% of people in the US state of New Hampshire wanted to leave the union.

A comment under the claim said: "Most of Oregon wants to leave Oregon. I support the big Idaho movement. And so should the people living in Texas, Florida, Idaho and everywhere in between. I support any state that wants to achieve statehood."

Russia has stepped up barbaric attacks on civilians in Ukraine in recent days, raising questions about why someone might want to entrust their safety to the warmongering nation.

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The attacks mark the biggest aerial attacks carried out by the Kremlin since the war began in February and are thought to have killed at least 26 people so far.

Putin has been stepping up his rhetoric and threat recently – he said he would use "all the power and all the means" at his disposal to defend four newly-annexed regions in Russia.

Putin claimed they returned a 99% vote in favour of joining Russia, but they have been regarded as staged and their results not to be taken seriously.

His forces have also started rolling out the use of a weapon previously unseen in the hands of Russians – Iranian suicide drones.

The terrifying weapons are able to pound on targets without putting troops in harm's way and have so far been used to attack a number of Ukrainian buildings, some of which are thought to be civilian.

Tolmachev added: "It is important that voting takes place not on social networks, but officially and legitimately, as in the Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk and Luhansk republics, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson provinces."

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