Dad 'left girlfriend with MS in bath full of urine & feces' as starved twin girls, 5, forced to "claw" out of closet'

FLORIDA Police say they found a woman with open sores in a bathtub full of urine and feces along with two malnourished five-year-old girls.

The victims were discovered after a Central Jackson County Fire Protection (CJC) Captain said the apartment smelt of a "decaying flesh".

Personnel from the CJC found a woman, 27, in a bathtub that contained six inches of feces and urine.

The CJC Captain said the woman had the worst pressure sores he had seen in the 27 years he had been in the emergency medical service, the examiner reports.

One sore had been described as the size of a basketball, which a doctor said could have become threatening because of the sore's exposure to human waste.

Bryan T. Snow, 30, told police that the woman was the mother of his kids and that she had multiple sclerosis.

He went on to tell police how she had been placed in the bathroom two or three days earlier and that a friend was supposed to be checking on her while he was working out of town.

While speaking with police, the 30-year-old did not mention the twin girls, however, police discovered them in the apartment later Saturday night.

The girls were extremely malnourished with one described as "skin and bones".

The twin girls told Blue Springs police officers how they were locked into a closet for extended periods of time which they were forced to claw out of.

They also told police how they didn't feel safe around their dad and how both parents would choke them.

A doctor pointed out to prosecutors that one of the girl's substantial hair loss was a result of malnutrition.

That five-year-old girl also had burn marks on the insides of her thighs, it was noted.

The girl's told police that they were locked in the closet for a "very, very long time" and one said Snow "tied me up with a rope."

Both girls were taken to Children's Mercy Hospital where one admitted that Snow made her watch her sister's mistreatment as punishment.

Snow has been charged by Jackson County prosecutors with two felony counts of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child as well as a felony count of second-degree domestic assault.

If sentenced, Snow could receive up to seven years in prison for each charge.

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