Crack squad of ex-SAS troopers ‘kills up to 20 Russian officers in Ukraine’

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A team of ex-SAS soldiers is believed to have killed up 20 Russian generals in Ukraine.

The 12-strong unit has spent six weeks targeting the invaders’ officers – undermining and humiliating their leader Vladimir Putin in the process.

They also killed 15 of the feared Wagner mercenaries in an ambush last month.

A source told us: “They have around 120 years of special forces experience between them.

“They are completely self-supported and have access to explosives, weapons and ammunition. At least two are trained combat medics.”

The former SAS team, all veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, age from 29 to 62. The oldest is a grandad.

Some are believed to have served in L Detachment – an SAS reserve unit.

It is understood they were recruited via a Whatsapp group for ex-members of the Hereford-based regiment. The Brits have also helped to train some Ukrainian troops in ambush methods.

Our source said they have vowed to stay until the end of the war and will not be captured alive.

They told us: “They know they can’t afford to be taken prisoner because in a l likelihood they will be tortured, tried and executed as foreign mercenaries.”

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This week, two Brits captured while serving with Ukraine’s armed forces were sentenced to death by a kangaroo court in Donetsk.

Meanwhile, western officials have revealed that the Russian army remains in disarray and troops are taking weeks to size objects such as small villages, which should only take hours.

The officials have also said that the Russian are running out of precision weapons like long range missiles and have been forced to used Soviet-era bombs and tanks.

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