Couple 'kept mother as sex slave and tortured her in front of her own children'

A couple kept a woman as a sex slave and brutally tortured her in front of her children, police say.

Thomas Antoine Miller, 26, and Shakeeta Adams, 25, were arrested on Friday after they allegedly held the woman captive at two hotels in Pineville, North Carolina.

Authorities say Miller and Adams subjected the unnamed female victim to ‘unspeakable violent acts…all in front of her two underage children.’

Police added: ‘At times, the underage children suffered violent acts against them to. There were no sex crimes against the children.’

Miller and Adams reportedly made the victim have sex with strangers for money, which the couple would keep.

Police wrote that the woman would be ‘physically and mentally punished by (Miller) if she failed to meet a certain quota financially.’

The punishments included beatings with a belt, being held under water in an ice bath or bath tub while being strangled, and being burned or branded with a hot wire coat hanger, authorities said.

Investigators said that the woman’s children were also beaten with a belt, The Charlotte Observer reported.

The couple’s arrest comes after an ‘extensive criminal investigation,’ which included three weeks of undercover surveillance. The victim reportedly reached out to police for help during the investigation.

Miller has been charged with human trafficking of an adult victim, assault by strangulation, assault on a child under 12, assault on a female, and communicating threats. He was still being held in jail on Monday morning.

Adams has been charged with simple assault and was released on bail.

Police said they believe other women may have been trafficked by the couple and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

However, authorities say human trafficking is ‘extremely rare’ in Pineville and added that employees at many of the local hotels are trained on how to spot potential instances of trafficking.

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