Coronation security op is UK’s biggest ever with submachine guns and no-fly zone

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    The Coronation of King Charles III is the UK's biggest "security operation", backed up by submachine guns, a no-fly zone and a £150million "ring of steel".

    Thousands of police officers have been deployed on the streets and line protection squads launched for the King of England's Coronation, codenamed Operation Golden Orb.

    The operation has seen hundreds of millions splashed out on the big day, with no fly zones in place to help dignitaries land and safely make their way to Westminster Abbey.

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    Members of the force are also backed by an armed squadron, as well as police drones and snipers perched on rooftops looking out for any sign of trouble.

    A Home Office insider said last month: "Security alone will be up to £150m, possibly more. It’s a crazy sum, but this is one of the biggest public events in recent history."

    The hefty budget, which has been used to square up 11,500 police officers to guard the Coronation, has seen them armed to the teeth and ready for anything.

    Iron-clad protection of the King of England will see officers armed with Glock 17 pistols and submachine guns, with armed response vehicles on standby at the first sign of trouble.

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    New waves of technology are backing up the well-armed ground patrols monitoring several planned protests and signs of altercations in the crowd.

    MI5 are on hand to focus on "subjects of interest" according to Sky News, with senior officers using facial recognition to tag potential suspects of terror and criminals in the crowds.

    Their eyes in the skies are also there to spot potential Coronation concerns, with four Vulcan 68R fixed-wing aeroplanes sweeping the area.

    Coronation planning and subsequent activity was described by the Home Office insider as a "hell of an operation", and the "small cog" of escorting dignitaries has provided some trouble.

    They said: "Thousands are involved – many working overtime. Just getting dignitaries into the country and to their accommodation is a hell of an operation in itself. They will mostly be taken by police escorts from the airfields."

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    That cog in "this gigantic security machine" will mean dignitaries are taken to their seats at Westminster Abbey for the service of King Charles' Coronation later today.

    Security expert Mark Scoular, who was tactical commander for the weddings of Prince William and Prince Harry, believes the event could feature the presence of CBRN defence units.

    Expert Scoular said: "On Coronation Day itself, there will be entire CBRN – chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear – units across London."

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