Colorado gas prices on downward trend: Here are the cheapest places to fill up

Gas prices are on a downward trend, both state and nationwide.

According to AAA, Colorado’s average price for fuel is still higher than the national average, with a gallon of regular gasoline going for $4.51 in Colorado, compared to $4.27 a gallon average across the United States as of Thursday.

GasBuddy outlines the 10 cheapest places to fill up in Colorado, as of 9 a.m. Thursday:

  • $3.17 — Phillips 66, 3851 CO-119, Longmont
  • $3.19 — QuikTrip, 3979 CO-119, Firestone
  • $3.29 — 7-Eleven, 3914 CO-119, Longmont
  • $3.43 — Conoco, 11099 E. Frontage Road, Firestone
  • $3.68 — King Soopers, 6110 Firestone Blvd., Firestone
  • $3.68 — Murphy Express, 4615 City Centre Road, Longmont
  • $3.75 — Circle K, 425 S. Elm Road, Eaton
  • $3.76 — Cenex, 55 S. Oak Ave., Eaton
  • $3.78 — Exxon, 100 CR-37, Lochbuie
  • $3.86 — Murphy Express, 79 E. Bromley Lane, Brighton

Even as gas prices get cheaper, some still worry about the residual effects on the climate.

“It is good that prices aren’t so high,” Erin Estrada told The Denver Post while filling up at a Shell in Westminster. “But at the same time I do hope that people try to be conscientious about their impact, how and when they drive and trying to be a little more sustainable really.”

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