Carl Beech was ‘a liar from day one’, says his stepbrother

Carl Beech’s stepbrother reveals the paedophile fantasist was a ‘spoilt brat’ who used lies and deceit to get his way as a child

  • Carl Beech’s claims lead to huge police investigation into top public servants
  • But police had failed to do rudimentary checks such as speaking to his family
  • Stepbrother brands him ‘a liar from day one’ and claims against father were false 

The fantasist who made up bogus claims about a Westminster paedophile ring was ‘a liar from day one’, his stepbrother has said.

Carl Beech, now 51, is facing a lengthy jail term for perverting the course of justice after he span a web of lies which led police to launch a huge investigation which has cost taxpayers £2.5million.

The Met Police have been strongly criticised for failing to do common sense background work to test whether Beech’s wild claims stood up to scrutiny.

They failed to speak to his ex-wife, who could have undermined his allegations, or examine his computers, which would have revealed he had researched information to back up his claims – and would have also revealed he was himself a paedophile with an interest in sickening child sex images.

Now Beech’s stepbrother, Charles, has now rubbished Beech’s claims about his father and branded him ‘a spoilt brat’.

Carl Beech – the paedophile whose lies sparked the investigation into a Westminster sex abuse ring – was ‘a liar from day one’, according to his stepbrother

Beech’s mother Charmian (pictured), a community nurse who became a vicar in 2001,  separated from Beech’s father when he was a baby. Charmian remarried in 1976 when Carl was eight. He accused his stepfather of abusing him but his stepbrother has rejected those claims

Beech’s mother Charmian, a former nurse who became a vicar, married Major Ray Beech, Charles father, in the 1970s, when Beech was eight.

They separated after just four months in 1976 because of his drunken domestic violence.

Beech was to say in his adulthood that his stepfather, who was retired from the Army on health grounds, physically abused him before going on to rape him, and then passed him on to his superiors to be exploited by paedophiles at the top of British society.

But Major Beech’s son Charles disputes the claims against his father, telling The Sun: ‘My father could be a difficult man. But he was not a child abuser.’

He added: ‘[For Beech] to suggest he was suffering childhood abuse and keeping quiet about it just seems ridiculous. He would whinge and whine about the smallest things.

‘I can absolutely believe he has grown up to be an adult who would deceive and make stuff up for his own ends.’

Carl Beech (pictured, left, in court in Sweden and, right, with his son) faces a lengthy jail term for repeatedly lying to police over wild claims of a VIP paedophile ring

Major Beech died in 1995 and was not alive to defend himself when Beech made allegations to police in 2012 and 2014.

Beech claimed to have been taken out of school at the whim of those sadistic Establishment figures, but classmates told a different story.

Beech, 51, had told police he had no friends at school, indeed that one boy was murdered by ‘The Ring’ to punish him when he had the temerity to break their strict instruction not to have schoolmates.

But Northumbria Police tracked down friends from the Tudor School in Kingston, who recalled happily spending time in the library with him.

One friend, Jonathon Budd, remembered going on two UK holidays with Beech and his mother when he was around 13, saying Mrs Beech was a ‘lovely lady’ who provided ‘everything that a normal mother would’.

In the light of his sexual interest in pre-pubescent boys, it is alarming that after school Beech went on to become a paediatric nurse, working at children’s hospitals in Birmingham and London, before becoming an NHS manager and a Care Quality Commission inspector.

He married Dawn, a fellow nurse, and they had a son together.

There is anger that even the most rudimentary work was not done to examine the credence of Beech’s claims. He said he was afraid of water after being abused at a swimming pool as a boy, but family photos showed him splashing about in a pool on holiday

He trained at the Royal Berkshire Hospital where he met future wife Dawn, above, also a nurse. They married in 1992; he was 24; she was 22. Beech then moved to St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, where – disturbingly – he worked on the children’s ward

The marriage was beset with problems over ‘intimacy’, she was to reveal at her ex’s trial.

When she confronted him about his poor personal hygiene earlier in their relationship, he explained that smelling bad was a way to deflect sexual abuse as a child.

Despite going to Relate, their marriage collapsed and Beech was to develop a fixation for writing online about child sex abuse he claimed to have suffered and revelled in the attention he got from social media.

He published 57 blogs, commenting in one of them about being ‘amazed at the almost daily increase in people following me on Twitter’ and being ‘humbled by the kind comments from survivors’.

He hoped to be an advocate for victims and started writing a fictitious memoir, full of horrifying detail which left observers convinced he was actually inspired by his own perverted desires.

Carl Beech’s school reports show he had full attendance at the time he said he was being handed around by powerful figures and abused

In coming forward with more and more outlandish claims about the top levels of British society, he became a talismanic figure for people willing to believe tales of the dark side of the Establishment.

What those supporters did not know was Beech, a vetted NSPCC volunteer who went in to primary schools to deliver a programme to keep kids safe from abuse, had downloaded horrific material on the many electronic devices police were to later find, including some of the worst categories of indecent films and images.

He had also set up a video camera with the intention of filming a boy using a toilet. From his house, Beech also covertly took photos of boys playing in the street.

After he was charged with making indecent images and voyeurism, then perverting the course of justice, Beech went on the run to Sweden where he bought two properties, one in a false name.

The authorities tracked him down, despite his attempts to conceal his identity, and he was brought back to the UK to finally face justice for an unprecedented series of terrible lies.


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