Capitol Building on LOCKDOWN: Police call for back up as Donald Trump protestors rampage

Washington: Mike Pence escorted out of Senate claims reporter

Politicians have now been ordered to stay inside after supporters swarmed the building, while some even entered the chambers of the US Congress. 

Due to the scenes witnessed at America’s capital, the mayor of the city has now issued a curfew for the District of Columbia. 

Vice President, Mike Pence, has now been taken to a secure location according to US news sources. 

Other politicians are now being escorted to separate locations. 

A lockdown was called after the police were unable to stop the protestors from breaching the Capitol security. 

After storming the building, images showed what appeared to be teargas, while in the chamber of the House of Representatives, staff can be seen barricading the doors. 

According to Sky’s Greg Milam, a “massive police response” has now descended on the area. 

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He said: “Protesters are breaking glass, some may have been successful at getting inside the building.

“A massive police response heading to those plazas around the Capitol.

“What has taken the authorities by surprise is so many protesters getting so close to the Capitol.”

Protesters managed to breach the halls of the Congress had managed to enter some office buildings as they attempted to reach lawmakers. 

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