‘Cannibal cop’ Gilberto Valle dishes on Armie Hammer scandal

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The former NYPD officer whose fantasies about kidnapping, killing and eating women stripped him of his badge and landed him in a jail cell doesn’t have any advice for Armie Hammer — but he’s grateful to pass the torch. 

“Armie can carry the cannibal fetish mantle now,” “Cannibal cop” Gilberto Valle told The Post on Friday when asked about the Hollywood star’s fiendish fantasies that allegedly include barbecuing his girlfriend and eating her ribs. 

“This situation with me has been over for years now and I’m just trying to move on with my new life. It’s so exhausting to keep being a punch line.” 

Valle, now 36, was accused of attempted kidnapping in 2012 after his wife discovered reams of cannibal porn — and detailed plots to eat her and other women — on his computer and reported him to the NYPD. 

Soon, his quiet, suburban life was shattered and he found himself on trial, desperate to convince a jury his love of flesh was nothing more than a sick fantasy. In 2013, he was convicted of the crime but the following year, a judge overturned the sentence, agreeing with Valle that sick thoughts were not a crime. 

Hammer, who is unlikely to end up in jail, is experiencing a similar fall from grace. 

Leaked DMs allegedly sent by the “Call Me By Your Name” movie star read like a Hannibal spinoff and include cannibalistic cravings like cutting off a woman’s toe and keeping it in his pocket. 

Since the scandal broke, he’s decided to step away from his role in “Shotgun Wedding” with Jennifer Lopez and even had to slash the price of a home he’s selling by a whopping $800,000. 

Valle couldn’t help but relate. 

“In general, people in all walks of life have unusual fantasies that they’d never want to have made public. Just because you’re a cop or an actor doesn’t mean you’re immune from being aroused by something that isn’t as mainstream as other stuff,” Valle said. 

“There are plenty of people who would be mortified if their friends and family knew what they were into, and that’s just the way it is.” 

Still, the stink of flesh is hard to wash off, Valle said, and while he’s not sure what’ll end up happening to Hammer, he’s definitely ready to stop talking about his past. 

“I don’t really have any thoughts on it. I don’t know if he could be facing legal trouble or if it’s just kink shaming,” he said. 

“I’m settled into my restarted life with new friends, all of that and I don’t want to resurface with that nightmare again. It is embarrassing and it takes a toll on me.”

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