Brit twins smile in first picture since vicious croc attack left one in a coma

A pair of British twins have been pictured smiling for the first time since an aggressive crocodile attack left one of them fighting for her life in a coma.

Melissa Laurie, 28, was pictured in a smiling hospital selfie next to her visiting courageous sister Georgia.

The two girls had been swimming at the beach destination of Puerto Escondido when the shocking attack happened.

Luckily for Melissa, her brave sister Georgia managed to fight off the angry croc after it had grabbed her sister by her leg and began to drag her into a 'death roll'.

New shared photos show Melissa smiling happily alongside her sister and friends in a hospital in Oaxaca.

Further photos show Melissa's only visible injury, a small gash on the right side of her nose, other sustained injuries are believed to be on her stomach and legs.

Speaking to ITV News, sister Georgia said: "We saw the crocodile and we tried to swim to safety but unfortunately my sister didn’t escape that – so it took her under.

"We tried to call her name but there was no answer so I went towards my friends and tried to find my friends and then I just saw her body floating towards me."

She added: "I jumped into action with my rescue training that I remember and dragged her body towards me and laid her on my chest and tried to revive and she started going into a fit.

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"And the crocodile came back twice – so I beat it off but the third time is when I sustained the most injuries."

Fearless Melissa had to be placed into a medically induced coma after doctors found her wounds on her stomach and legs to be life-threatening.

The wounds had become infected which resulted in sepsis.

Despite the extent of the injuries on both girls, they have refused to let the nightmare ruin their dream trip to Mexico early.

Life-saver Georgia told The Sun : "Melissa’s got a fractured wrist which is going to take longer to heal than her other injuries.

"She might as well recover here rather than be bored at home.

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"We’re definitely not going to end our world tour. We want to continue. I can recover well here and so can she."

The nightmare incident began when the twins were taken with a group of 25 tourists to an area of the Manialtepec lagoon by an unlicensed guide.

The area is known for nesting crocs.

While enjoying a picturesque swim, Georgia suddenly noticed looking like she was being violently 'jerked around' – before spotting the two foot-long crocodile's head.

Georgia said: "That’s when it grabbed her by the leg and got her in a death roll. She went round and round and it was trying to drag her away.

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"I was pounding it, and that’s when it grabbed me and bit my arm. I bashed it with the other hand and it let me go. That happened three times.

"The croc battle seemed to go on a long time but adrenalin had kicked in."

The valiant 28-year-old punched the croc on the nose with both fists desperately trying to save her sister.

Speaking on This Morning, Georgia said: "At the time, I'm really worried because the last thing I see is her being taken under water and then she's not responding, so, I'm at this point thinking she's dead.

"I then swim to where I can hear my friends and then they say there's her body and I just see her body floating face down."

Luckily the screaming from the attack alerted their friends to go and get help from a nearby tourist boat, where an experienced guide Gerado Escamilla Perez was able to rescue them.

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Melissa's nasty injuries became scarily clear when she was hauled on to the boat by Gerado and her friends.

Georgia added: "She had puncture wounds everywhere but wasn’t bleeding out.

"She was drifting in and out of consciousness. The thing that worried me was she was coughing up blood and saying, ‘I’m drowning, I’m drowning’.

"It was scary, and she screamed too. I thought of how I had seen her face down in the water for a long time, so I was worried how much water she had swallowed."

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Both twins were taken straight to a hospital in Puerto Escondido.

Georgia was treated for bite marks and gashes to her right hand and wrist.

Melissa was worse off, with a fractured wrist and deep lacerations on her stomach – but the doctors were most concerned with the infections the wounds had incurred.

Miraculously she has now woken up from her coma and is responding well to treatment in hospital.

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