Brit danger tourist in Afghanistan ‘getting way too comfy’ with new Taliban pals

A barmy Brit who goes to danger zones for fun and who said the Taliban will protect him against ISIS has been accused of "getting way too comfy" with the armed group.

Miles Routledge, a former physics student at Loughborough University, said he settled on Afghanistan last summer after Googling "most dangerous countries to visit" and picking the top entry.

Despite the evacuation, the 22-year-old, who funds his trips with money from his loyal subscribers, went back to the country after crossing from Peshawar, Pakistan.

He's now back in the UK, but while posting from Kabul last week, he was accused of becoming too tightly affiliated with the Taliban, who have de facto control of Afghanistan.

"You're getting way too comfy with those people," wrote one critic, after Routledge blagged his way onto Afghan TV.

Under a post where Miles announced his return home, one commenter told Miles: "I hope you get jailed."

"Don't worry, you're under surveillance," another said, after Miles stated that he found it strange that his airport experience was "normal" with no special checks on him.

Another person said: "Lmao bro ur just on a list and they watch."

According to Amnesty International, the Taliban commit war crimes by targeting civilians, including killing teachers, abducting aid workers and burning school buildings.

However, Miles still thinks they're "kind blokes".

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On Wednesday, April 27, Miles turned heads when he "had tea" with Taliban fighters after accidentally strolling into their compound.

He called them "kind" and despite receiving criticism online, he told the Daily Star that he's just calling it like he sees it.

"The Taliban have been nothing but kind to me even though they think I'm an Afghanistan resident from my Tajik look that's fooled many locals," he told the Daily Star.

"The Taliban is like any government with good and bad, but with the charity work, kind words and work I've seen first hand, I can't knock them.

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"I'm not going to listen to biased media when I can form my own opinions first hand. Don't believe me? I'm the one in Afghanistan."

After landing back in the UK yesterday (Thursday, May 5), Miles tweeted that he is "depressed and INSULTED that I didn't get interviewed / Questioned at the UK airport. It means there are no consequences to my actions."

He added: "Honestly does hanging out with the Taliban and trying to do trades with kidnapping groups and do international arms dealing not set off any alarms? Am I being too safe with my trips."

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