Boozy school teacher attacked theatre staff who kicked her out for moaning about show starring Cheryl – The Sun

A TEACHER attacked London Palladium staff while her wife headbutted a police officer after being ejected for loudly complaining about a show – featuring Cheryl Tweedy.

Kate Kenward, 35, head of technology at Leystone School, east London, struck the door manager – who wears a pacemaker – and shoved his female colleague into a door in a drunken rage.

Her wife Nicole Casey, also 35, was restrained and pinned to the floor by staff as the pair were told they would have to leave the performance by Cheryl and Todrick – both judges on the BBC’s The Greatest Dancer.

Police were called to the theatre and the drunken couple were arrested – with Ms Casey headbutting an officer when taken into custody at West End Central Police Station.

Magistrate Dr Lynne Gailey told the couple: “This was an unprovoked attack on people carrying out their duties at the theatre and at the police station and you both had been drinking.

“We have heard you are both of previous good character, remorseful, have stopped drinking and sought counselling.

“Headbutting a police officer is particularly nasty, but you have both shown remorse and are clearly upset about this.”

Headbutting a police officer is particularly nasty, but you have both shown remorse and are clearly upset about this

Ms Kenward, of Leystone, east London, pleaded guilty to assaulting Michael Hamer and Loretta Belsham at the Argyll Street theatre in London’s West End on October 13, last year.

Ms Casey, originally from the States, pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Amil Georg.

A charge against the pair of threatening behaviour was dropped.

Prosecutor Leila Nahaboo-Osman told Westminster Magistrates Court how staff were called to the Royal Circle due to a disturbance caused by the couple.

She explained: “There were complaints from other theatre goers and both defendants were obviously drunk and were complaining about the performance.

“They were asked to leave and Casey had to be restrained by members of staff.”

The court heard Ms Casey claim she was in pain as she was held down near the foyer due to a metal rod in her right arm from previous surgery and Ms Kenward repeatedly shouted: “Let her go.”

As she rushed to assist her wife, Loretta Belsham says she was shoved into a door by Ms Kenward, who describes it as more of a “rigorous brushing past”.


Ms Kenward admitted thumping the door manager in the side when the couple were escorted into the foyer, but stressed he had put his hands on her earlier during the fracas.

She is also worried how a conviction for violence will effect entry to the USA and future trips to her wife’s home country.

“It has turned her life upside down,” Kenward’s lawyer told the court, confirming she and her partner had both quit alcohol.

Ms Kenward was fined £200 for assaulting Mr Hamer, who she must also pay £150 compensation, £100 for assaulting Ms Belsham and was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £32 victim surcharge.

Ms Casey was fined £274 for assaulting PC Georg and ordered to pay him £100 compensation, plus £85 costs and a £32 victim surcharge.

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