‘Asia’s heaviest woman’ loses 33 stone after life-saving surgery

‘Asia’s heaviest woman’ who was bedridden for eight years and needed two people to wash her loses 33 STONE after life-saving surgery and now goes for daily walks

  • Amita Rajani, 42, known as heaviest woman in Asia, once weighed 47 stone and was completely bedridden
  • She needed two people to wash her, struggled to turn over in bed, and didn’t leave her room for eight years 
  • But she underwent two surgeries to reduce the size of her stomach and has since lost 33 stone 9lbs 
  • Rajani is now able to drive a car, goes for walks and workouts, and has travelled across India

A woman once dubbed the heaviest in Asia who weighed 47 stone has lost three quarters of her body weight after two stomach surgeries. 

Amita Rajani, 42, was bedridden for eight years and once required two assistants to perform simple tasks such as getting to the bathroom. 

But following her surgeries – the first in 2015 and the second in 2017 – she now regularly goes for walks and workouts, and has travelled across India.

She also wants to enter the Limca Book of Records, India’s equivalent of the Guinness Book of Records, as the heaviest woman ever to have bariatric surgery.

Amita Rajani, 42, was once dubbed the fattest woman in Asia after tipping the scales at 47 stone. She was bedridden for eight years, required two people to wash her, and struggled to turn over in bed

In an attempt to save her life Rajani was offered stomach surgery and agreed to the procedure. It took 18 people to get her out of her house, and required an ambulance fitted with a sofa (pictured)

Dr Shashank Shah (left and right) performed two operations to limit the size of Rajani’s stomach and she has since lost 33st 9lbs, is able to go for daily walks and drive her car

‘Prior to surgery, life was a mess,’ Rajani told the Times of India. ‘I was bedridden for eight years. I never once left my house in all those years, never saw sunlight. I was depressed.’

While she was born a healthy weight, at 7lbs 7oz, by the age of six Rajani weighed more than a typical child, and by the time she started college she weighed 25 stone.

Aged 27, Rajani said her weight began to seriously affect her ability to do everyday tasks and perform her job – working for her mother in a toy factory.

The problem became acute aged 32, when she became completely bedridden.

Over the next eight years she spent almost $30,000 on weight loss treatments, but was unable to make a significant dent in her waistline, The Hindu reports.

Rajani also began to develop other health complications, including breathing difficulties, type II diabetes, and kidney problems.

Around 2015 she was introduced to Dr Shashank Shah, who said she was likely the heaviest person in Asia when he met her.

Dr Shah, who has performed 6,000 bariatric surgeries, managed to persuade Rajani to undergo two operations – despite her initial reluctance.

Rajani (pictured after her first surgery) had also developed a host of health complications because of her weight, including breathing difficulties which meant she needed an oxygen tank, type II diabetes and kidney problems

Rajani, pictured alongside her mother Mamta, lost 11 stone within eight weeks of the first surgery and went on to lose another 10 stone before her second procedure, two years later

Rajani says she is now ‘completely independent’ and wants to enter the record books as the heaviest woman ever to have bariatric surgery. She has also travelled across India

Eighteen people were required to get Rajani to hospital, using a sofa fitted to the back of a makeshift ambulance with a sofa attached to it.

Once on the ward, she was given a specially reinforced bed and put on a diet to try and slim her down ahead of the risky procedure, which involved removing three quarters of the left side of her stomach.

Within eight weeks Rajani had lost 11 stone and lost another 10 stone over the course of two years until 2017, when she was given a second surgery.

This time, Dr Shah bypassed her stomach altogether and attached the end of her oesophagus to her intestine, further reducing her appetite.

Dr Shah also performed an abdominoplasty to remove loose skin. 

Rajani now weighs 13 stone – having lost a total of 33st 9lbs – goes for walks and workouts, drives herself to work and goes out shopping.

‘I was totally bedridden earlier, but now I am completely independent, move around freely, wear clothes of my choice and lead the life I enjoy,’ she said.

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