Ann Summers rep ‘disgusted’ after biting into KFC only to discover it was raw

An Ann Summers rep screamed after tucking into her KFC meal only to find it was 'absolutely raw' – sharing stomach-churning images of pink and 'rubbery' chicken that she branded a 'health hazard'.

Sophia Soriyah was set to tuck into her £14 Trilogy Box Meal as she watched a movie in the dark but upon biting into her chicken thigh piece immediately felt 'the texture didn’t feel right'.

The 27-year-old let out a scream and spat it out immediately after making the discovery that the food ordered via UberEats from the Hatters Way Retail Park branch in Luton, Bedfordshire, was like 'biting into raw flesh'

'Disgusted' Sophia, who also works as a chef herself, became terrified that she would get food poisoning but credits only taking one bite as her saving grace as she thankfully didn't fall ill.

However, she has vowed to never return to the branch and says she won't order another KFC for a 'very, very long time.'

Sophia, from Luton, said: "The texture was like biting into raw flesh.

“I started to dig into the chicken more and the deeper down I got, the rawer it looked and I was just absolutely disgusted.

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"I was thinking what if I’m ill, I don’t want to get food poisoning, I have work and things like that.

“That was all that was going through my head, what if I get food poisoning, what if I get food poisoning because it was so raw.

“Luckily, I didn’t though maybe because I’d only had the one bite.

"I don't think I will go back to KFC for a very, very long time anyway, and I definitely would not go back to the KFC in Luton."

Sophia shared pictures on Facebook and Twitter appearing to show pink chicken as part of her order, with some of the meat glistening with a rubbery-looking texture, which she believes shows it was 'completely raw'.

However, a KFC spokesperson said sometimes their chicken can simply look undercooked but they claimed this is the 'result of using fresh, natural produce'.

A KFC spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear our guest was put off her meal, that’s the last thing we want.

“Safety is always our number one priority and we follow thorough cooking procedures in all of our restaurants, but sometimes our chicken can look undercooked, which is the result of using fresh, natural produce.

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“We have not had any similar complaints, but we appreciate this doesn’t look great so we would love for the guest to get in touch with us so we can make things right and offer a full refund.”

Sophia claims UberEats has not offered her a full refund, giving her back just £9.98 of her £14.33 order.

She claims to have repeatedly sent UberEats her ID and other details, but they have not responded further than giving her a partial refund.

UberEats have been approached for comment.

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