Amazon driver filmed having a meltdown and swearing in truck while delivering

An Amazon delivery driver has left viewers concerned when he was caught having a meltdown while delivering parcels.

The moment was spotted by Kristina Danielle Zagwyn who tried to offer the driver help.

Her TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 560,000 times, shows the driver sitting inside the Amazon Prime truck and repeatedly yelling "S***".

Kristina, who appears to be filming from her porch, expresses her concern as she watches the man drives into a lane and reverses the truck.

As the driver goes up the road, he is heard screaming in agony while driving past Kristina's house.

She captioned the video: "Tell me you had a bad bay without telling me you had a bad day."

She also added details: "We tried to help him for half an hour but he wasn't having it.

"He just acted like this then preceded to go through a stop sign and almost hit a minivan. They had to slam on their brakes.

The clip has amassed over 4,500 comments as viewers reacted to the driver's moves.

Some said they couldn't help but laugh as they saw the driver speeding off.

One commented: "I laughed so hard at the end, it's the screaming for me."

Another said: "This is so hilarious and sad at the same time, I feel it."

"That is the sound of a guy who is half way done delivering packages to the wrong route," a second added.

Others expressed their concerns and feared the driver suffered a mental breakdown.

A man wrote: "Seems like he may have gotten a text that's an emergency regarding family or something, that sounds like a trauma response."

A fellow delivery worker said: "Sometimes you just got to scream, it lets off stress. I do it on my deliveries at least a few times a week."

This came after Amazon offered to put "wellness chambers" in its warehouses so that stressed workers can sit inside and watch videos about relaxation.

The company shared a video of the "AmaZen" booth on Twitter but soon deleted the post after a wave of ridicule from other social media users.

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