Amazon down scuppering furious UK Christmas shoppers buying festive presents

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Amazon has gone down across the globe leaving thousands of users furious unable to purchase Christmas gifts.

The platform, Amazon Music and Amazon Web Service started experiencing problems at around 15:40pm.

Amazon's website is down for most users, while just a few are reporting problems with the app and others cannot checkout their carts.

The crash comes only 18 days before Christmas so many will be hoping to be purchasing gifts from the popular online store.

Many users have gone to Twitter to voice their frustration.

One user said: "Can’t work because Amazon is down. Can’t order Christmas presents because Amazon is down."

Another joked: "I'm not saying I'm on Amazon a lot but I did notice it was down before they did."

A third wrote: "Crying as amazon is down."

"Amazon is down. I guess this is the divine intervention that my bank account needed for the holidays," said another.

Downdetector showed there were more than 9,000 incidents of people reporting issues with Amazon and its services.

The online retailer had a similar issue in July when its services were disrupted for almost two hours.

More than 38,000 user reports indicated issues with Amazon's online store.

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As well as this, the company saw another major outage in June.

Amazon was one of hundreds of websites around the globe that saw disruption on June 8.

Other companies included PayPal, The New York Times and even the White House and the British Government.

Reports back then said the issues were caused by a "service configuration" as their server provider Fastly saw mass outages.

It took three hours for the outage to be resolved, during which time government website and online shopping sites experienced huge problems and loss of sales.

Amazon have been contacted for comment.

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