Alton Towers amputee opens up about ‘trauma’ on theme park disaster anniversary

A woman whose leg was amputated after a horror rollercoaster crash has reflected on her trauma six years to the day later.

Wednesday marked the anniversary of Alton Towers’ Smiler ride smashing into a stationary carriage, injuring thrill-seekers on June 2, 2015.

Vicky Balch, 25, from Preston, Lancashire, was onboard the ride and lost her leg on what she thought would be "the most traumatic day of my life", the Mirror reports.

However the beauty therapist, who became a mum for the first time earlier this year, said the theme park nightmare pales in comparison to the birth of her son.

Baby Venanzio was born via an emergency C-section on March 12 after what Vicky told her Instagram followers was "an emotional rollercoaster".

The family then spent three nights in neonatal care before finally going home after the birth in March this year.

To mark the six-year anniversary since the horror crash Vicky posted a poignant post on Instagram recalling the trauma of the incident and of her babies' first few days of life.

She wrote: "Six years ago today I thought I had been through the most traumatic day of my life.

"But nothing compares to being rushed in for an emergency c-section and not hearing your baby cry, being told he wasn't breathing very well and we couldn't have skin to skin because they had to give him oxygen and rush him away.

"It was the longest and worrying time of my entire life, made even longer by having to visit him in NICU for 2 days.

"But now we have the healthiest and happiest little boy we could have ever wished for and I wouldn't change that day 6 years ago or any other day. I truly believe everything happens for a reason."

She also paid tribute to the baby's dad and also added: "We're forever grateful to the team at Preston Sharoe Green hospital."

The hospital went on to reply to the post and said: "We're extremely happy to hear that your story has a happy ending."

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Vicky and her partner, from Preston in Lancashire, got engaged in 2018 and were due to wed last year, but had to postpone their wedding in Italy due to the pandemic.

She said they had started trying for a baby after the wedding was postponed. They had expected it to take some time but just a few months after it happened.

Vicky had been on the front row of four carriages which hurtled into a stranded test car.

Another person lost a leg and two more of the 16 riders were seriously injured.

A judge described the incident as a “catastrophic failure” and Alton Towers was fined £5million.

Vicky received a multi-million pound pay-out after what she described as “stressful and depressing” negotiations.

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