Air Canada passengers injured as they slam into plane’s roof during turbulence

Thirty-five passengers were left with head and neck injuries after smashing against the roof of a plane during severe turbulance.

The incident happened on Air Canada flight 33 as it flew over the Pacific Ocean during a service from Vancouver to Sydney on Thursday.

The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu after encountering sudden "clear air" turbulence.

Pilots on the Boeing 777 aircraft decided to turn back after flying through the known turbulence hotspot.

One terrified passenger said oxygen masks fell from the ceiling during the incident.

The plane had 269 passengers and 15 crew members onboard at the time and nine customers had to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment to their injuries following landing.

Passenger Michael Bailey told Hawaii News Now: "It was pretty quick. And a lot of people hit the ceiling.

"A lot of screaming. In the seat in front of me, the girl hit her head, and actually snapped and broke it (the ceiling compartment).

"It was scary for a brief moment, and then the plane levelled out."

Passenger Tim Tricky told Montreal CTV News: "It started get a little bit rocky, so I thought I'd better buckle up, and then about five seconds later, you just watch everyone's head in a plane who wasn't wearing a seatbelt hit the roof like a jack-in-a-box.

"It was pretty scary to see. One of our band members, our mate, he smacked it really hard and put a massive dent in the luggage compartment."

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