‘Time for a clean Brexit from fading, failing EU’ – Galloway lets rip in emotional plea

Brexit: Johnson says EU equivalence is ‘not sensible’ for UK

The Scottish politician, who has previously warned there would be “hell to pay” if Boris Johnson sells out Britain’s fishing communities in an attempt to reach a compromise for a deal, made his comments after the Prime Minister and his EU counterpart Ursula von der Leyen failed to reach an agreement last night.

I want a clean break from the fading failing EU

George Galloway

Mr Galloway tweeted: “I don’t want to pay the EU £40bn to leave.

“I don’t eat brie, drink wine or drive Citroen. I want a clean break from the fading, failing EU.

“The sun is rising in the East. I want to set sail for there. Brexit Now!”

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The former Labour MP, who said he supported the Brexit Party at last year’s European elections, has been a vocal critic of the time the trade negotiations between Britain and the EU have taken.

One of his supporters tweeted: “I agree. Clean break then negotiate a Free Trade Agreement as a truly independent nation.”

Mr Galloway’s calls for a clean break come as Ms von der Leyen admitted it will now be “difficult” to reach a post-Brexit trade agreement as ordered official to step up no deal planning.

Brussels has set out proposals for contingency agreements if a trade deal is not in place when the current arrangements expire at the end of the month, including on air routes, aviation safety and road transport.

Speaking the EU leaders’ summit today, Mrs von der Leyen said: “I had a very long conversation yesterday night with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“It was a good conversation but it is difficult. We are willing to grant access to the single market to our British friends – it is the largest single market in the world.

“But the conditions have to be fair. They have to be fair for our workers and for our companies, and this fine balance of fairness has not been achieved so far.”

The EU leaders were being updated by Ms von der Leyen on the progress – or lack of it – during the summit in Brussels.

Some said further talks today between UK negotiator Lord Frost and his opposite number Michel Barnier gave at least a glimmer of hope for a deal.

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin said an agreement was “within reach”.

He said: “It makes sense to get a trade deal. I’m very aware of the difficulties around a level playing field, the dispute resolution mechanism and fisheries.

“I didn’t expect a breakthrough last evening. I think the fact that they met for quite a lengthy period of time and that frank exchange of views in itself is a good thing, and the fact that the negotiators are mandated to go back in again and try to break the logjam.”

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But Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven admitted he was “gloomy”.

He said: “As far as I can hear there is no progress made in the recent days.”

Negotiations have stalled over fishing rights, the level playing field – measures aimed at preventing the UK undercutting the EU on standards and state subsidies – and the way that any deal would be governed.

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