‘Shock waves across Europe’ Marine Le Pen faces ‘best chance’ to secure Elysée on Sunday

France election: Possibility of Le Pen victory discussed by expert

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Mr Hawkins gave an update on the French election, discussing what the possible outcome may be on Sunday. The journalist claimed that Ms Le Pen was not the favourite to be the President of France. Mr Hawkins explained that if Ms Le Pen was to win, that it would send major shockwaves through Europe. And compared the vote to Brexit and the US presidential election which saw Donald Trump take the win.

Mr Hopkins told GB News: “Le Pen is not the favourite to win by any stretch.

“But if she does pull off the impossible, and this is her best chance, three goes of the presidency if she does pull it off on Sunday.

“It will be enormous, it will be seismic, we’re talking an election result of Brexit and Trump proportions.

“And it will send shockwaves across Europe, not least in the EU since, well Marine Le Pen rode back on wanting France to leave the European Union.

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Mr Hopkins added: “She’s not calling for that anymore but she is calling for reform in the European Union.

“Remember France was a founding member of the European Coal Community.

“The forerunner to the EU, so if France were to vote for a candidate that is still anti-EU that would be Huge.

“And it would send big shockwaves to Brussels.”

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Despite support for Ms Le Pen, many French citizens have slammed some of her proposed policies.

Ms Le Pen has new laws on headscarves and immigration, which some claim are too far-right.

But some living in France are also against Mr Macron, A Melanchon voter Faiza, 44, spoke to Express.co.uk from Paris.

Originally from Pakistan, and now in France facing unemployment, she explained that she would rather stay at home on Sunday than give her support to  President Macron.

Faiza said: “When they speak they speak very well but in practice the reality is different.

“We need social housing, the situation is bad. Le Pen doesn’t want us (foreigners) here, so we don’t really have a choice on Sunday.

“I voted for Melanchon, I’m disheartened. I’m going to abstain on Sunday. Macron can’t be my choice.

“My husband might vote for him but he will not have my vote.”

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