Rove: A Rudy Impeachment Defense Raises Likelihood of Trump Conviction

While most political pundits are expressing doubt that enough Senate Republicans will grow a spine to convict the president in the coming impeachment trial, one influential GOP strategist, Karl Rove, says if Trump uses Rudy Giuliani to lead his defense, the likelihood of a conviction only rises.

When asked on Fox News Sunday about the chances Trump will be convicted in the Senate, Rove admitted that the usual partisanship might take a backseat this time around.

“Normally I’d say not much chance,” Rove said after host Chris Wallace reminded his audience that even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is still on the impeachment fence. The GOP strategist continued by explaining the numerous negatives that come with using Rudy.

“I think it’s all going to boil down to what’s the president’s defense,” Rove said. “Rudy Giuliani charted a very bad course for the president in the morning papers when he suggested that the argument was going to be, ‘Well, there couldn’t have been incitement because all the charges of widespread voter fraud are true.’ ”

Rove continued, “Well, those charges and the so-called experts that the campaign has mustered to advocate them have been rejected by over 50 courts, with judges appointed by President Trump, President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton and I think even one Reagan justice.”



Rove then spelled it out, if he uses Rudy and his continued lies about practically everything, then Trump is looking at sure defeat.

“So, if it’s the Rudy Giuliani defense, there’s a strong likelihood that more than 17 Republican [senators] will because essentially that argument is: ‘This was justified, the attack on the Capitol and the attempt to end the congressional hearing on certifying the election was justified because all these charges are true.’ And frankly, they aren’t,” Rove said.

Giuliani, who riled up the crowd in DC on January 6th by calling for “trial by combat,” told ABC News on Saturday the president is not using “fighting words” because his voter fraud claims are true. They are not.

“They basically claimed that anytime [Trump] says voter fraud, voter fraud — or I do, or anybody else — we’re inciting violence, that those words are fighting words because it’s totally untrue,” Giuliani said. “Well, if you can prove that it’s true, or at least true enough so it’s a legitimate viewpoint, then they are no longer fighting words.”

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